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Dishwashing Made Easy with Whirlpool's PowerScour Dishwasher Technology

Updated on May 30, 2008

Do you love experimenting with delicious recipe ideas, but hate dealing with the mess? Do you find yourself wondering why in the world you spent hundreds of dollars on a dishwasher if you have to soap and scrub your dished by hand before placing them in the appliance? Do you sometimes avoid preparing your favorite recipes because you don't want to have to deal with cleaning up the messy cookware.

If thoughts like these have entered your mind, you'll likely be delighted by Whirlpool's latest dishwasher technology. When you add a Whirlpool Gold dishwasher to your kitchen, you'll enjoy the benefits of PowerScour technology. This powerful new kitchen appliance features 36 targeted jets that are powerful enough to blast away even baked-on food residue.

Save Time with PowerScour Technology

When you have a Whirlpool Gold dishwasher in your kitchen, you'll be able to save time and effort when it comes to getting your dishes and cookware clean. You'll no longer have to soak, pre-rinse or scrub your pots, pans, or dishes before running them through your dishwasher because this appliance has the power to take care of even the toughest cleaning jobs on its own.

Safe Dishwashing with the Whirlpool Gold

Even though the Whirlpool Gold dishwasher featuring PowerScour technology has the power to eliminate touch baked on substances, it can also handle the task of safely washing glasses and other delicate kitchenware at the same time. This is possible because of the appliance's adaptive wash cycle.

Understanding How PowerScour Technology Works

The Whirlpool Gold with PowerScour dishwasher is able to perform calculations that enable it to make adjustments between heavy, standard, and light cycles, switching automatically based on how large or small the load is, and how tough the wash job really is. This feature protects your dishes, ensures outstanding results from every load, and helps conserve power and water.

Speaking of conservation, the fact that using this dishwasher eliminates the need for rinsing, soaking, and pre-scrubbing, you can enjoy a significant water savings when you replace your current dishwasher with this modern model.

Coordinating Whirlpool Gold with Your Kitchen Decor

You'll be able to find a new Whirlpool Gold dishwasher that coordinates perfectly with your kitchen d├ęcor. Each Whirlpool Gold model has either a slate colored or stainless steel interior that reduces potential problems with staining. You can select from among a variety of exterior colors, including: white, black, biscuit, or stainless steel. No matter what style of kitchen you have, this high tech appliance will make an attractive and practical addition.


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  • Eileen Hughes profile image

    Eileen Hughes 9 years ago from Northam Western Australia

    Thanks for that, Imight get one now then. I honestly could not see the advantage before because you had to clean and wait for them to drain or similar before putting them away. So decided I could have them done quicker than machine. Thanks