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Disney Waffle Maker: Review of the Disney Classic Mickey Waffle Maker

Updated on November 27, 2012
The finished waffles fresh out of the Waffle Maker.
The finished waffles fresh out of the Waffle Maker. | Source

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4.7 out of 5 stars from 3 ratings of Disney Waffle Maker

There is nothing better than having quality time with your Grandson and creating something together. Anything that either involves getting dirty, playing games or watching a movie will do.

What more could he ask for than a product that combines two of his favorite things; waffles and Disney? The Disney Classic Mickey Waffle Maker makes delicious waffles in the shape of his favorite Disney character Mickey; it is easy to use and clean and makes the perfect waffle every time.

As he helps stir the batter waiting for the waffle maker to heat up, you can feel his excitement at the prospect of producing a waffle. As he finally sits in front of the Mickey waffle, he contemplates for a while, not wanting to spoil the perfectly shaped delicacy – finally he succumbs to temptation and dives in.

The Disney Waffle Maker is therefore ideal for creating a fun and exciting family activity.

What is the Disney Waffle Maker like?

To be succinct, the Disney Waffle Maker is excellent. It’s easy to use and clean, and generally produces great waffles every time. For more detailed information please see questions below:

How Long will the Disney Waffle Maker last?

The first thing you notice is the quality of the waffle maker. It has a brushed stainless steel finish, has a laser etched logo and has a nonstick coating. It feels solid and you know just from the weight and the way it’s constructed that it will last for a long time. As you open and close the lid you know that it will not break easily, even with the most heavily handed child using it. (Note, even though a child can use the waffle maker, an adult should always be present to supervise.)

How to Use the Disney Waffle Maker

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Plug the waffle maker in and wait for the red light to go odd.Fill in the ears and face, leave a small gap at the bottom for excess to run in to. Close the lid.Remove the waffle and use a damp cloth or paper towel to clean.
Plug the waffle maker in and wait for the red light to go odd.
Plug the waffle maker in and wait for the red light to go odd. | Source
Fill in the ears and face, leave a small gap at the bottom for excess to run in to. Close the lid.
Fill in the ears and face, leave a small gap at the bottom for excess to run in to. Close the lid. | Source
Remove the waffle and use a damp cloth or paper towel to clean.
Remove the waffle and use a damp cloth or paper towel to clean. | Source

How Easy is it to Cook with the Disney Waffle Maker?

While you have to be a little cautious when using it as it will get hot, the waffle maker is well designed and makes cooking waffles very easy – even the worst cooks can manage to create the perfect Mickey waffle every time. As the waffle maker has a nonstick coating it doesn’t require any butter or oil thus it’s very hard to burn the waffle, unless you leave it cooking for a long time!

The process of cooking the waffle is simple.

  • Plug the waffle maker in.
  • Wait for the red light to go out.
  • Poor in waffle batter and close lid.
  • Wait for the red light to go out again.
  • Voila! – your waffle is ready.

How Easy is it to Clean the Disney Waffle Maker?

With the lack of oil and the great non-stick surface it is very easy to clean – it’s a little tougher when you burn a waffle but overall you shouldn’t have a problem keeping it in tip top condition. Usually all that is required is for the surfaces to be wiped with a damp cloth or damp paper towel. Burned on residue can normally be removed with harder scrubbing, or in the worst case scenario with a ‘rough’ sponge – be careful not to scratch the non-stick surface though.

The brushed stainless steel generally doesn’t get dirty as the cooking is done below the cover – however should it get stained or dirty it can also be cleaned with a damp cloth, or in extreme cases some stainless steel cleaner can be used.

How Big are the Waffles?

The waffles that are produced are seven inches wide and are in the shape of Mickey. I find that two waffles are sufficient for a hungry three year old.

Tips for using the Mickey Waffle Maker

  • Don’t overfill it – make sure that you fill the ears and face almost level, but don’t fill all the way to the bottom of the face – leave about a centimeter gap at the lower end of the face – when the lid is pushed down, any excess batter will move downwards thus if you have overfilled it, you will get residue batter spilling out of the mold. You will still get good waffles, but you will have to trim them to get the Mickey shape.
  • Don’t use butter or oil – as the waffle maker has an excellent non-stick surface, you don’t have to use any oil or butter – the waffle will not stick to the surface unless you leave it cooking too long.
  • The waffle maker will be hot when cooking is finished so use a fork or knife to lift out the waffle – be careful not to scratch the surface.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t put enough batter into the waffle maker – the resulting waffle will be thinner and more ‘done’ than a regular waffle, but it won’t burn and will still taste good!
  • Did I mention the ears – they must be consumed first!

Waffle Eating Tips

  • You MUST eat the ears of Mickey first – these instructions come directly from my grandson
  • Top with jelly, cream, chocolate syrup, fruit etc.
  • Eat as soon as they come out of the Waffle Maker

What Batter should I use in the Mickey Waffle Maker?

You can use any shop bought waffle mix and as long as you follow the instructions on the label you should get the perfect waffle every time. If you want to make your own batter, use the recipe below:

Ingredients (Makes 4 to 6 waffles):

  • 1 cups of flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 3/4 cups of milk (leave standing for 10 minutes to warm up before using)
  • 1/6 cup of butter – melt in microwave
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla


  • Beat eggs together.
  • Stir in milk, butter and vanilla
  • Blend flour, salt, baking powder and sugar into milk slowly

Mickey Mouse Crossword

Right Click on the crossword below and select Print Picture. Use the clues below to solve the crossword - then click on the second snapshot to view the solution.


2. Who is Mickey Mouse’s sister?

3. What was the first feature film Mickey Mouse appeared in?

4. Brittany _________ appeared in The Mickey Mouse Club.

5. What was the original name of Mickey Mouse?

7. What animal is Mickey’s friend Donald?


1. Which city in France has a Disneyland?

5. Who is Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend?

6. What was Mickey Mouse’s dog called?

8. _______ Hearts is a video game featuring Mickey Mouse.

9. Where was the first Disney theme park located?

10. ____ Disney created Mickey Mouse

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    • mizjo profile image


      7 years ago from New York City, NY

      My grandson loves waffles, and he'll certainly be entranced by a Mickey Mouse waffle. He'll have to wait for his birthday, as Christmas is past, and I have to start saving again. Thanks for the nice review.

    • vespawoolf profile image

      Vespa Woolf 

      7 years ago from Peru, South America

      I'm glad to know the Mickey Mouse wafflemaker is well-made enough to stay around for a while! My dad used to make Mickey Mouse pancakes for me when I was a little girl and, of course, I always ate the ears first. That way at least his face was left looking at me for a little while longer. : ) Great review, thanks!

    • Natashalh profile image


      7 years ago from Hawaii

      OH, man, when I was a kid I had this toast press thing that made a Minnie Mouse face. I thought it was the coolest. It's really neat how things like Mickey and Minnie are intergenerational now.

    • wilderness profile image

      Dan Harmon 

      7 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      I'm in the market for a waffle iron, too, and have a grandson that would absolutely LOVE helping me make breakfast with this. Very tempting...


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