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Disposable Cutlery

Updated on September 2, 2010

Disposable cutlery is used by millions of people daily since they prove to be very practical for many reasons. It is common to see plastic cutlery because they can be disposed of easily after its usage. The most common disposable cutlery is plastic because of its lightweight and handy feature. Polystyrene is the type of plastic that is globally used when it comes to disposable cutlery as well as food-packaging products.

A practical usage of this recyclable product is in the form of foam drink cups and insulation products. Polystyrene, however is considered to be a pollutant because of its non biodegradable feature. Nevertheless it is safe to use plastic disposable cutlery since it’s application has been approved of the Food and Drug Administration of USA. Fast food chains have been using disposable cutlery so they can save a lot of labor and manpower time.

The different kinds of disposable cutlery are forks, spoon and knives, and even drink stirrers and flexi straws. Forks and chip forks, spoons for soup and desserts can be easily disposed because of its plastic composition. There is a standard size for this type of cutlery. Plastic knife and teas spoons adhere to certain size specifications, 167 mm for the knife, while 145 mm for the spoon. A common pack contains 51 pieces of cutlery; there’s a spare piece to every pack.

Disposable Cutlery
Disposable Cutlery

Aside from plastic, another type of disposable cutlery is made from wood. Disposable cutlery made from Birchwood is also practical and a very environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. Disposable wood cutlery is biodegradable; hence it won’t be a pollutant. Likewise, there’s no guilt involved in using this type of disposable cutlery since the wood from birch tree is harvested from sustainable forests.

Plastic disposable cutlery adds a different spice to a gathering because of its bright and stylish features. Some manufacturers not only produce a large volume of this, they also offer huge discount and promos if one purchases a lot of disposable cutlery. Disposable cutlery is very practical especially during gatherings and get-togethers where children are expected to come. 


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