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White Vinegar-How To Clean Without Expensive Cleaners-Cleaning

Updated on May 9, 2012


Did you know that all Vinegar starts as alcohol,created through the conversion of carbohydrates to sugar? When alcohol ferments, it becomes acetic acid, or vinegar.

Example : Grapes deteriorate to become wine (alcohol)

then wine ferments to wine vinegar.

You will be amazed by the power of VINEGAR

USE ONLY DISTILLED WHITE VINEGAR-unless otherwise noted.



Empty dishwasher- add 1/2 cup VINEGAR and run the rinse cycle. This helps open up clogs in the dishwasher drain lines and deodorizes the dishwasher.


To remove buildup 1/4 cup VINEGAR and cold water to fill coffeepot run through one brewing cycle follow with one or two cycles of clean cold water.


50/50 mixture of VINEGAR and cold water- bring to a boil for several minutes-let stand for 1 hour-then rinse with cold water.


To prevent mold and mildew build up on rubber seals wipe with undiluted VINEGAR on damp sponge or cloth.


To remove grease build up.Wipe the vents with a sponge or cloth and undiluted VINEGAR. Or remove the vents and soak about 15 minutes in 1 cup of VINEGAR and 3 cups of water.Wipe entire surface with solution of 1/2 VINEGAR and 1/2 water to prevent grease buildup.


Pour 1 cup of water and 1/4 cup of VINEGAR Into a glass bowl or measuring cup.Place in microwave and boil for 3 minutes. The grease and splatter build up can the be easily wiped off with a damp cloth or sponge.

A really great replacement for expensive cleaning products. In plastic spray bottle add 1 teaspoon of borax--1/2 teaspoon baking soda--1/4 teaspoon liquid dish soap--2 teaspoons of VINEGAR and 2 cups of hot water.Make sure to label with list of ingredients.You can use this for cleaning almost any surface in your kitchen.Works especially well on stove tops and ovens.For baked on stains--spray on and let soak 15 minutes then wipe surface.You can also spay inside oven and leave overnight-then wipe clean.Use undiluted VINEGAR to wipe counter tops daily-this will give a nice shine and keep them fresh.


To remove greasy buildup wipe with APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.

Bathtubs /Shower heads

For removing mineral deposits from your shower heads. Remove shower head and soak in 1/2 cup of VINEGAR and 1 quart of water soak for 15 minutes.Plastic shower heads should soak for 1 hour in 1 pint VINEGAR and 1 pint of water.

Soap Scum

On shower doors, spray with VINEGAR let dry, re spray to dampen then wipe clean.You may need to reapply and let sit for several hours-then wipe clean.

Toilet stains

Pour VINEGAR into toilet and let sit for 30 minutes-then sprinkle baking soda on toilet brush and scour remaining stains then flush.

Carpet Stains

Always wipe immediately-undiluted Vinegar can help to remove a new stain wipe with sponge or cloth.General problem areas on carpets and rugs use equal parts VINEGAR and water,lightly sponge into carpet,rinse and blot dry before using area.


Sponge mixture of 1 cup VINEGAR and 2 cups of water into rug.Wring out sponge until stain is gone.


Saturate area with heated vinegar let sit for few minutes,carefully pull gum to remove it


Clean with 1 part VINEGAR two parts water.Sponge on then blot clean with dry cloth.

Tub Decals

Can be removed by saturating each decal with VINEGAR(warm in microwave for 3 minutes) let sit on decal few minutes , then peel off-remover leftover glue with damp sponge.

Bare Floors

Ceramic Tile- mop with mixture of 1 cup VINEGAR and 1 gallon warm water.

Linoleum and Vinyl-use same as for ceramic-then polish with club soda.


When painting of any kind , keep small dishes of VINEGAR around the room to absorb paint odors you can keep dishes out for a few days adding new vinegar each day.

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  • IN2Deep profile image

    IN2Deep 7 years ago

    RTalloni-Thank you for taking the time to comment greatly aprieciated- :) hope you find it useful

  • RTalloni profile image

    RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

    Good stuff! Thanks for a great resource.

  • IN2Deep profile image

    IN2Deep 7 years ago

    I love to use White vinegar for my windows also--with newspapers--no streaks or residues like expensive commercial cleaners.

  • More Than Words profile image

    Pamela Bogwald 7 years ago from Oak Ridge, NJ

    This is really good to know if you are trying to go green and get rid of all the toxic cleaners in your home. I am going to try it on my table cloth I used for Thanksgiving. My nephew spilled Ningxia Red on it. I will let you know how it comes out.