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Diversion Safes for the Home- A Secret Compartment in Everyday Objects

Updated on December 4, 2012

Everyday Object with a Secret Compartment

Ajax Diversion Safe
Ajax Diversion Safe

A secret compartment for your valuables

Diversion safes are secret compartments for your valuables. What do you do when you have small amounts of money in the house but you don't feel it is secure in your bedside cabinet or wherever you choose to keep it? Perhaps it's money you've saved towards a holiday, or to pay the electricity bill, and you don't have a really safe place to put it like a home security safe.

Now you can buy loads of money or trinket holder containers that look like normal household stuff that a burglar probably wouldn't even think of looking through, especially as he wants to be in and out of your home in the shortest possible time.

These containers are known as diversion safes. They are not really safes at all because they are disguised to look like something else. Some have locks and some don't, but unlike real safes these locks would be easy to force, if the burglar knew where to look.

Diversions safes are simply everyday objects with a hidden compartment in which you can stash all your valuables so the the intruder wuld not know where to look. Burglars know to look through drawers or among piles of paperwork, or in your home office desk for valuables, wether that be money, jewelry or some other such stuff as is precious to you.

Without a proper home security safe, the diversion safe really will protect your valuables by hiding them in plain view. They are cheap to buy but could save you a lot of heartache in the future. Get a diversion safe today.

A Secret Compartment In Kitchen Cabinet Objects

Put your diversion safe among the other things in your kitchen cabinet, among the other cans and sauce bottles, and I guarantee no-one will notice. Just have to hope the burglar isn't hungry and grabs a can or two to eat. Place it at the back, and he will be less likely to go for it.

Make sure you buy a diversion safe can that is carrying the label of a product sold locally, as ideally you would want to have several of that product already on your shelves. Remember to put the diversion safe at the back just in case the burglar picks yours to eat (especially if it is the Pringles...mmm...who can resist them)?

I notice they sell a can of Heinz vegetarian baked beans. What other kind are there? Beans are legumes, not meat and never were!

The shops sell Del Monte where I live, so I would probably opt for that can. They advertise as being the best in the business but it would be really unusual for a burglar to like them so much he stole the can.

But what a fun idea! Even if you don't want or need a diversion safe, you'd want to buy one for a friend or family member as a fun, novelty present.

More Diversion Safes at Amazon

A Secret Compartment Under the Sink

There are so many products that go under the sink or in a utility room if you are fortunate eough to have one.

When would you ever see a burglar going through the cleaning products?

I'm sure even the dirtiest burglar does not steal cleaning materials from someone's house, so in many ways a disguised cleaning container that is really a diverson safe is fantastic and very practical for the every day household.

Disguising your ironing products or your scouring products is a great idea, because no-one would think to look there for anything, never mind your money!

If your cleaning cupboard is anything like mine, it will be crammed to overflowing with half-used products and containers. The burgler, even if he suspected you had such a container, would be hard-pushed to find the right one.

In the Fridge - A Secret Compartment

Well this only really works if you have a lot of drinks containers the same, and of course the fake one will need to be at the back, because who knows if the burglar has a thirst.

It would be just my luck to have a solitary can of beer or soda in the fridge that would get stolen! And of course it wouldn't be soda or beer at all, it would be my diversion safe, which would have completely failed then.

If you have run out of all your normal cans, hide the fake can diversion safe somewhere else, just in case.

Secret Compartments In the Workshop/ car trunk

This another great idea! Who is going to bother stealing a can of oil treatment or a puncture spray? What great ideas!

Knowing my luck, the burglar would have a vehicle that just at that point in the burglar's career, needed those products!

That asides, in the most part things should be safe in those conditons. If you keep a diversion safe in the car, you could put stuff in it and leave it in the car as for the most part, people do not break into cars to steal the cans the driver leaves around for emergencies.

The idea is to make something look so normal that the thief will not want to steal it.

Secret Compartments In the bathroom/vanity table

I love the ones on offer for this section!

I mean, foot spray? Hair spray? Have we really got burglars sneaking around pinching other people's foot and hair spray? Do we tell the police after a burglary that these items got stolen? Well yes if they were your diversion safes, but the whole point is burglars do not steal these products and so they make great dummy safes. Place them around your genuine toiletry products and they will not even be noticed, but there is a fair chance that even if they are your only toiletry products they will not be stolen. What decent minded thief would want to be caught with those products in his possession?

He'd never live it down off his burglar mates in the pub!

Can you imagine him giving you his sales technique in the pub! (Isn't that where smaller household products usually get sold?)

"Hey Missus, wanna buy some foot spray? It's great for athlete's foot."

Diversion Safe Book

Book Diversion Safe
Book Diversion Safe

Diversion Safes In the Lounge

Oh this is so cleverly done. You have pictures on the wall that have a secret compartment behind them. They don't need to be big, they are only to hid a few notes. I haven't shown them here, but there are clocks that double up as diversion safes. I love the candles. They look like ornamental candles but are hollowed out inside and when you turn them over you can remove the protective cover and hide things.

Wall thermometers, books, even ornamental stones which can hold a key which I assume will be for outside your house but which I would probably have in the lounge as I love rocks and stones so long as they have been cleaned off earth and the insects which always seem to congregate underneath!

Books make great diversion safes. I had one of these hollowed out books once. It was metal but looked realistic and came with a lock and key. It was great because things were safe inside (even when I had lost the key as I invariably do with things).

Put with my other books, and I believe every household has at least some books they can stack together, it was indistinguishable.

CD Diversion Safes

As well as the books and the pictures, there is a CD set that isn't really a CD set, so if you have a collection of CD's, just place this one at the bottom and unless you are unlucky and your burglar has a thing for CD's, it will be perfectly safe.

If you click on any of these links and want to see what else Amazon has to offer, just type in diversion safes in the search bar, and see what other exciting products there are in this range.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this hub as much as I have enjoyed researching the products and writing it.


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  • MoragCampbell profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Planet Earth

    Thanks for commenting :)

    Yes there are some fantastic ideas out there for home security, that do not cost a lot of money!

  • whiteorchids profile image


    8 years ago from Tropical Paradise

    I love these ideas! I am going to bookmark this so that I can come back and review again.


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