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Should Tree Cutting Ceremonies Exist?

Updated on November 22, 2017
The First tree we took down in the front yard
The First tree we took down in the front yard

Should Tree Cutting Ceremonies Exist?

Trees can grow in limitless amounts depending on where they are planted and how many were planted in that same area. When people think of trees they always think of the planting ceremonies what about the tree cutting ceremonies is it like ribbon cutting? As it is nice and hot in Ontario this weekend, at my house we are cutting down the trees in order to get more sun instead of so much shade. Not in the backyard so much but in the front. As I was watching my parents and brother cut the trees down today, I thought about something. Should a tree cutting down ceremony exist, along with the tree planting ceremony? Some people might think that I have gone completely off my rocker and maybe I have, but what if you have so many trees in your yard that you want to change it up and let the sunshine through?

Should you just do it, and not think about why the trees were there in the first place? Sure you might not know why the trees are there in the first place, but when you decide to cut them down to make your house a home, shouldn’t you celebrate that? Sure a tree cutting down ceremony might not be the most conventional way to do it, but who says you have to do what others do? Sure there are things called tree cutting ceremonies so yes they must exist but that is only for big events that the mayors attend.

I am talking more, on your own property to change it up and make it more livable, has anyone ever had a tree cutting ceremony on their own property? Or even been to a tree cutting ceremony? Or even a tree planting ceremony? Most people have probably been to a tree planting ceremony, I know that I have. But a tree-cutting ceremony, unless it is Christmas trees I can’t remember the last time I attended a ceremony where you cut the trees down.

Although at my house today, we weren’t really having a ceremony we were just cleaning up. With a number of limbs and leaves though you would think we were having a ceremony because now the front lawn is bare, that is how we like it, the more sun the better. It’s a lot easier to cut the lawn without the trees there anyway, don’t you think?

Sure it was just my parents my brother, a neighbor or two, my grandmother and I for most of it. Sometimes that is all you need. It was my version of a tree cutting down ceremony, it was just something to say to make it sound prestigious. In my opinion anyway. What do you think of tree planting ceremonies and tree cutting ceremonies? I have to say, that with tree cutting ceremonies there is a lot more action, then there is with planting them, and who doesn’t like action? Everyone like’s action at one point or another so why not watch tree limbs fall, and leaves scatter everywhere, it looks messy but once you get a group together to clean it up it looks nice.

Tree planting and cutting ceremonies bring out people you wouldn’t normally see and isn’t that the point. To bring people together that is. So if you want to try something different and you need to clean up your lawn from the trees that are on it, why not have a tree cutting ceremony, it will be fun and entertaining, mine was and there were hardly any people. Why not have one with a lot of people and see how it goes?

The second tree we took down in the front yard
The second tree we took down in the front yard

Cut that tree down and let's have a ceremony for it

Tree cutting ceremonies, in my opinion, let limitless amounts of light in depending on where the tree is. Cutting down trees can clean up your yard if it is overgrown by trees and the house can't be seen or if you just can't do anything with your property because of the trees, so why not cut them down and change up your properties look. Tree cutting ceremonies should exist to freshen up your property because sometimes your property can be overgrown by trees and that doesn't always look nice. So if you are trying to clean up your property in a limitless way, that is when people begin to cut down trees to make room for new things or just to brighten up space around your property.

The reason why tree cutting ceremonies should exist is to give your property a new fresh look. Yes, trees are meant to be around for oxygen but sometimes they can be a hindrance when you are doing the landscaping or when you are cutting the lawn. They can also be a hindrance to your house depending on where the roots are, if they are under your house they could lift the house up and that sometimes doesn't look nice when people are walking around your house.

The question is: should tree cutting ceremonies really exist? If tree planting ceremonies exist why shouldn't tree cutting ceremonies. That is my question, I think that if one exists then the other should too because you are changing the look of something and that should always be something to celebrate. So yes, in my opinion, they should exist because everyone likes to celebrate change and cutting down a tree is a change so why not celebrate it. So the next time you are doing yard work and removing and tree think to yourself, should this be celebrated, I feel that limitless things in life should be celebrated even a removal of trees around your house because it is a sign that something new is about to happen even if nothing actually happens it's a start of something new, which is always fun to see, don't you agree?

Have you ever watched trees come down, and the excitement that it brings, it's a rush to watch a tree come down and to see it in pieces on the lawn? It is a sign of new things to come or at least that is what I think. if something can be as exciting is cutting down a tree don't you think it can be limitless too? I think that it can because with the removal of trees limitless new things can happen in the spot where the tree was which is another exciting thing that tree removal brings to mind.

How about the next time you are cutting down a tree you invite people over to watch it happen. It might surprise you at how limitlessly exciting removing a tree can be. Everything is exciting when it is done for the first time so why shouldn't tree cutting ceremonies be the same thing, it's just like a ribbon-cutting ceremony just bigger in my opinion, if you think of it like that it sounds a lot more fun and who doesn't like something that sounds fun? Everyone likes limitless fun so why shouldn't tree cutting ceremonies be a thing and be just as much fun as tree planting ceremonies? If we make it a thing it could be limitlessly fun, someone just has to make it happen and once they do it may have a good effect and become something that everyone does.

Should Tree Cutting Ceremonies Exist?

Should tree cutting ceremonies exist?

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Change up the outside cut down the tree

Tree Cutting ceremonies what are they really? they are ceremonies about space, in a sense because once you cut down a tree you have more space to do things. At least that is what I think of it as. Tree Cutting ceremonies are not really a thing but they can be made a thing if you are looking to celebrate. It is something new is coming to be when a tree is cut down and there is a blank space there waiting to have something put in its place. Tree cutting ceremonies bring a sense of limitless change and that can sometimes be a good thing.

What Are Tree Cutting Ceremonies Let's Discuss

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