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Do You Feel Helpless in the Face of Climate Change?

Updated on June 12, 2014

Is Climate Change Real?


There is little doubt that within the scientific community, there is a consensus that man has affected the climate to such a degree that scientists are almost unanimous- which has not been seen very often before in the scientific community!

Having reached the milestone of 400 ppm of carbon dioxide in the air, here is what that actually means....

A few quotes from Nasa:

"We are a society that has inadvertently chosen the double-black diamond run without having learned to ski first. It will be a bumpy ride."

– Dr. Gavin Schmidt

Climatologist and climate modeler at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies

"Scary scorecard: catastrophic climate change 400, humanity zero. Listen to the scientists, vote wisely, beat carbon addiction and put humanity into the game."

– Dr. William Patzert

Research Oceanographer

"Reaching the 400 ppm mark should be a reminder for us that carbon dioxide levels have been shooting up at an alarming rate in the recent past due to human activity. Levels that high have only been reached during the Pliocene era, when temperatures and sea level were higher. However, Earth's climate had never had to deal with such a drastic change as the current increase, which is, therefore, likely to have unexpected implications for our environment."

– Dr. Carmen Boening

Scientist, Climate Physics Group – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

I could have chosen from any scientific body, but chose NASA because they are universally respected.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere means that the climate is going to warm, which in turn means more flooding, droughts and wildfires accompanied by extremes of temperatures.


In the face of such massive environmental destruction and chaos, it is so very easy to feel overwhelmed. Many people who I talk to about the subject just don't seem to know what course of action to take in order to make effective changes that will make a difference.

Whilst each pound or dollar that we spend make our choices clear, and recycling and using less transport contribute to reducing our own carbon footprint, it can often seem to be trivial in the face of what the oil companies or airlines do, for example.

Not forgetting of course, the reason huge swathes of people are able to ignore global warming is that vast sums of money are begin spent by those with a vested interest in us continuing on our gas-guzzling way - namely the oil industry.

And sometimes it is a whole lot easier to focus on the issue than try to come up with some innovative solutions.

The thing is, if you look around, all over the planet, people are coming up with new ways to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. Whilst others argue about what it means, how it will affect us and who to believe, a whole army of people are trying to bring about change.


There is Always a Way

When I first decided to really try to focus on the solution instead of the problem, my life shifted fairly rapidly. For years I had been stuck in the way of thinking that it wasn't worth trying as the problem was so huge.

Then in late Jan of 2014, I suddenly knew what to do and within a few minutes, the following picture turned up in my Facebook feed. You may have seen it? A young Indian lad had seen some snakes dying on a sandbar due to lack of shade, so he decided to plant some trees. Thirty years later, he has planted a 1360 acre forest all by himself. The irony is that no one wanted to know until recently he has international acclaim. Did he plant it all at once? No, in bite size chunks- one tree at a time.

And that is how change is made. One step at a time. And if enough people take that step too, then the change can come quickly.


And having seen that picture, with the story of the young man who just wanted to provide some shade for the snakes, I was hooked on the idea of planting one million trees. If you go to you can find out more about the project and how you can support it if you would like to.

Meanwhile, what can you do? What do you want to do? Do you know some people that would like to do it with you?

The time has come to do something. What will you do?


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