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Do You Really Need To Buy A Tile Saw? Maybe Not!

Updated on November 10, 2015
A tile saw is an amazing machine, but you might just be able to get by without one!
A tile saw is an amazing machine, but you might just be able to get by without one!

So you know you’re going to be cutting tile. But do you really need a tile saw? This is a question asked by many D.I.Y. enthusiasts, and one which if answered correctly can mean the difference in a spending a little or a lot of money! So what’s the answer? Let’s find out.

Maybe You Can Get Away With A Tile Nipper!

If you only need to cut small notches or curves in a few tiles, you’ve hit the jackpot! If this is the case, you don’t need a tile saw at all! In fact you will probably only need to spend between $10-$15 on a tile nipper. This tool is aptly named as it nips or bites small chunks out of the tile. These work well when you need to take out irregular chunks from the tile in order for it to fit in an irregular spot. However, while very cheap, useful, and definitely a great tool to have when installing tile, beware that nippers do leave jagged edges!

Maybe All You Need Is A Snap Tile Cutter!

If you are going to be making straight cuts, but not cutting a very large amount of tile, you are also in luck! No need to run out and fork over your hard earned cash. All you need is a snap tile cutter. Why are you so lucky? Because you’ll only be spending $15 -$30! Some home stores even rent them out at about $10 per day! Simple to use, yet efficient, a snap tile cutter Is a great tool. Simply push the handle forward, and a small wheel scores the tile, and then push the handle down and the tile while snap into two. Even better is the fact that there is no mess involved and that a snap tile cutter is light weight and totally portable. However while it is a great tool for making straight cuts, it cannot make curved or corner cuts.

You Need A Tile Saw!

If you are going to be cutting a large number of tiles, or very heavy tiles, you are probably in need of a tile saw. While not nearly as cheap (running anywhere from $100 for a portable model up to around $1,200 for a professional-grade tool) and convenient as tile nippers and snap tile cutters, make no mistake a tile saw is an amazing tool. They are able to cut through all types of tiles, and even stones. A tile saw can also make all types and manners of cuts and do so with extreme precision. They are sometimes referred to as wet tile saws because they use water to cool down their diamond coated blade and control debris.

So before running out and buying a tile saw, think about what types of cuts you need and how many tiles you are actually going to be cutting. Chances are if you are just doing a small D.I.Y. job, you don’t need one at all. For straight simple cuts, check out a snap tile cutter and irregular small chunks, a tile nipper. With a little thinking before hand, you might just be able to save yourself some hard-earned cash!

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