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Do you have a biological weapon defense plan to protect your family?

Updated on October 23, 2012
What is your bio weapon defense plan?
What is your bio weapon defense plan?

How Serious Are the Bio Weapon Health Risks?

Did you know that there are many people who think Lyme Disease is a weaponized tick disease that accidentally got released from a bioweapons research laboratory at Plum Island, NY. There is undisputed evidence that this research lab was conducting all kinds of tests on ticks. There is further evidence that the anthrax from the 2001 anthrax attacks can be linked back to US bio weapon testing.

Because governments are constantly testing new bio weapons, the population is always at risk both from the mistakes of our own governments and from counter efforts by other governments. Make no mistake, you need to take the time to establish a plan for doing the best you can to protect your family from contracting a bio weapon illness both in times of peace and of war. To the government, you are only a statistic, so do not rely on them to do the right thing.

Common Misconceptions about Bio Weapons

Growing up I heard and read horror stories of virulent diseases like Ebola that would lead a person to die in agonizing ways. Popular films often carried similar themes with movies about virulent and ferocious diseases that killed massive amounts of people. They put forward the idea in movies like 'The 12 Monkeys' that bio weapons are literally designed to wipe out entire populations in a matter of days.

This idea is fed in part by the rapid global transit system that allows diseases to spread with much more ease. But it is actually inaccurate. Most bio weapons programs today are interested in being able to introduce diseases undetected into a population where the disease can then work undetected for a long period of time to severely weaken and incapacitate the populace.

Governments are generally smart enough to know that if they introduce the wrong kind of bio weapon into a populace, they will not only wipe out their enemy, but themselves as well. Our global connectivity provides some protection in this way from extreme government excesses.

Precautionary Measures Against Contracting Weaponized Bio Agents

Since governments are trying to find slow undetectable ways of infecting a specific population, insects tend to me the carrier of choice for bio weapons programs. This means that most exposure to bio weapons in a populace is going to come through insect bites. Controlling insect populations and constantly checking yourself for potentially harmful insects is the first line of defense against sickness. Lyme Disease is a perfect example of this. It cannot be contracted through the air or by coming into contact with another person who is sick. It can only be contracted by being bitten by a tick.

In the Event of a Bio Weapon Outbreak

You do need to be prepared in the event of a bio weapon outbreak. While it is true that many bio weapons are insect based, it is possible at some time for someone to weaponize a virus and release it. You need to be prepared for this. You should have a supply of face masks and gloves, along with long sleeve shirts and pants to keep your skin covered. If you can afford it, a hazmat suit is definitely worth having.

You also need to plan a rigid cleaning routine for clothes and for yourself to keep yourself as sanitized as possible during an outbreak. Lastly, you need excellent air purification systems to remove particles and kill bio agents. The best duo for this is the Austin Air Healthmate and the Vollara Fresh Air Surround. The Fresh Air provides the germ killing capabilities while the Healthmate removes the particles and germs from the air.

You should keep a list of emergency numbers to call in the event of this type of crisis. You should review your plan regularly and check to make sure your protective gear is up to date and in good shape.


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