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Doc McStuffins Bedding and Bedroom Decor

Updated on March 30, 2014

Doc Mcstuffins Bedroom

Are you living with a Disney fan who loves Doc McStuffins? Perhaps you want to decorate their bedroom with the Doc? If so you you can find bedding sheets, comforter, throws, pillow cases and other bedroom decor.

There will be a range of different bedding sets to suit girls of all ages from as young as 2 years old right up to 10 year old girls. Make your little girl smile with one of these! Watch how she cannot wait to get into bed at night.

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Doc McStuffins Comforter Set

Disney Doc Mcstuffins full comforter featuring the cool Disney doctor and some of her friends.
Disney Doc Mcstuffins full comforter featuring the cool Disney doctor and some of her friends. | Source

Disney Doc McStuffins Full Comforter Set

Disney Comforter featuring Doc McStuffins

This particular full comforter set includes :- 1 Comforter, 2 Standard Sham, 1 Mini Doll Comforter & 1 Mini Pillow in a reusable doll house. You will need to buy sheets, pillow cases and throws separately.

The text on this comforter is ' I prescribe a cuddle'. It is bright and colorful and will light up a bedroom.

Doc McStuffins Bedding Sets, Sheets and Throws

If you are looking for a complete toddler bedding set, minus the bed why not choose the toddler 4 piece set which includes comforter, fitted sheet, flat sheet and reversible pillowcase. You can always add a throw and other bedroom decor.

You can also buy sheet sets and fleece throws separately. Some examples of these are shown to the right.

Doc McStuffins Bedroom Decor

There are so many ways to decorate your bedroom with the Disney Doc including pillowcases and light switch covers. You can find a small selection of both below! The only question is which one will you choose or will you buy several and swap them over after a while.

Do you need a new bed for your little girl?

Why stop at bedding whenever you can actually buy a bed featuring Doc McStuffins? The bed below is a new release and is suitable for a toddler girl. This would be an excellent first bed as she moves out of a cot! Many parents find it hard to get their toddlers to make the transition from cot to bed so a themed bed with her favorite Disney doc should help entice her to make the move.

This bed features Doc Mcstuffins as well as her special friends, Stuffy, Lambie and Hallie.

Doc McStuffins Kids Chair

Bright colored Disney Doc mcStuffins comfy chair featuring Lambie and Stuffy.
Bright colored Disney Doc mcStuffins comfy chair featuring Lambie and Stuffy. | Source

Bedroom and Playroom Furniture featuring the Disney doctor

Other Doc McStuffins Bedroom Furniture

Perhaps you want to accessorize your little girl's bedroom with some Doc McStuffins furniture such as sofa, chairs and playstuff? There are lots of options here including the ones shown to the right.

I love this high back chair which is available for less than $30. This is a practical addition to a bedroom or even a playroom. It comes with a machine washable cover so that any dirty finger marks or spilt food or drinks can be washed off easily. The chair is soft and comfortable and one reviewer mentioned that it was suitable for both a 19 month old and a 4 year old.

How about a sofa for your little ones to play on, or rest on when they are tired. Like the chair above there is a machine washable cover which is easily removed. This is recommended for kids aged from 2 to 5 years.

An outdoor chair featuring Doc McStuffins is also available. This can be used for kids when they are sitting outdoors. It would be good on a hot sunny day.

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