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Does “Designer” furniture and lighting have to be expensive and out of reach for many people?

Updated on December 18, 2014
Spray Can Top Designer Bar Chair
Spray Can Top Designer Bar Chair

Great design - is it becoming more affordable?

Sometimes, however, it is possible to get the very best in design at affordable prices. Many manufacturers look at the trends that are being set by the leading designers in their field and then model their own ranges with reference to that style.

The is an obvious line to be drawn here – we are not suggesting that producing an outright copy of a design is desirable or to be encouraged – even if it was legal which, in many countries, it isn’t. What is even less acceptable is if the manufacturer of the copy product tries to pass it off as the real thing, a practice that is almost universally frowned upon.
What is acceptable to most people however, and is certainly not a new idea, is to produce products that have been inspired by a famous designer.

You can see examples in many fields, painting, household appliances, clothing, motor cars, and, of course, furniture.

Great design survives us all

In the days when the celebrated English furniture maker, Thomas Chippendale, (born 1718), and other famous designers were producing highly sought after and beautiful furniture for sale, in the main, to the rich and powerful, most people could not afford to buy it – and we still can’t, hundreds of years later.

In those days, there was little or no machinery to help with production, no computer aided design to speed up the process of arriving at the optimum result. It all had to be done by hand, by skilled and talented individuals and for this reason, the products were outside the scope of most people.

That isn't a problem for most people though because there are many modern day manufacturers who produce fine furniture in the Chippendale and other famous styles at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. The designs are still relevant, although not for everyone, but for those who appreciate it, it's just a matter of shopping around.

Home - making it special

For most of us, our home is a special place. A place where we not only sleep and eat but where we are truly free to be ourselves and express ourselves in whatever way we see fit.
Making somewhere special is different for everyone.

Some like to be surrounded in their homes by high-tech gadgets, large TV screens and powerful sound systems whereas others prefer to concentrate on their furniture and matching it to the style of the building, to their personal tastes and to the practical needs of themselves and their families.

Whatever your motives, it is a good thing that there are manufacturers and retailers out there that can offer the very best in modern design and manufacturing techniques whilst still preserving the style and effectiveness of the world’s leading designers.

Ace Design - Bar Stool

Sure, quality costs - but it needn't cost the earth!

It is true that items produced in small quantities and with high quality raw materials will inevitably cost more than their flat-packed, chipboard and plastic counterparts but the difference in cost need not be too much – thanks to the efficient and high tech manufacturing methods and materials used by today's quality furniture makers.

Designer lighting is made to not only look good but it also has to be functional, to illuminate your home or perhaps your work-space and, of course, to comply with the applicable safety standards. Designer furniture needs to do more than look good - no one wants to sit in a good looking but very uncomfortable chair, do they.

Today's manufacturers do, of course, take all of this into account when creating their products, the last thing they want is a warehouse full of great-looking, but unsold, furniture, clothing or whatever happens to be the focus of their business.

So don’t be afraid – be inspired – seek out the very best in contemporary design from those manufacturers and retailers that have set out their stall to supply the very best in designer furniture and designer lighting. A simple Google search for “designer furniture” or “designer lighting” will open up a world of choice – a world of modern designer furniture & lighting to inspire you.


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