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Home Security, Window Locks, Security Locks For Windows, Advice From An Ex- Professional Burglar

Updated on December 3, 2012

Window Locks That Work

The window is usually the easiest method of entry into a home for a thief.

Cheap and usually inexpensive window locks can help prevent a burglar from entering your home. Modern society has bred a certain amount of criminals whom will stop at nothing to get their hands on your money or valuables.

Like the Saxons whom invaded England centuries ago, these dregs of society rape, pillage, plunder and burn their way through different homes and neighborhoods every day and night. No one is safe from these viscous thugs whom would rather attack and beat their victims than flee a home empty handed.

Whom better to ask than an ex-intruder about home security.

After serving several years behind bars, MR 'X' is now helping to protect and offers advice to families that years ago he would of robbed at knife point.

Leaving a window open, no matter how wide, is like just leaving the front door open with a sign on it saying "please help yourself", says Mr X, it is an open invitation.

Cheap, yet effective locks can make a difference to whether a thief will enter your home, or someone else's. NEVER only use one lock per window. They are cheap enough, fix on on either side if possible on windows which open upwards.

Home security measures are quite cheap. Make use of them before a member of your family has a midnight encounter with an intruder. Is it worth it for the sake of a few coins?

Typical easy fit window lock
Typical easy fit window lock

Many of the window locks on the market now are quite good deterrents, and either use a rack bolt to secure the window or a small key operated push lock. One of these on a window may not be good enough, as again, with a little bit of leverage, they will just come out of the woodwork as these locks do not have long screws, the best thing to do is put one of each type on a window, and use larger screws if possible. Test the window, close the window and lock it up, go outside and press against the window frame, if there is movement in the widow frame, put another window lock on where the movement is, it may be a bit of a pain to open the window when you want it open, but at least it may stop somebody else from opening it. And you do only put one lock on, the damage that will be caused just to the window and frame will cost you a bit to get fixed.

 If you have a fixed window pane, where the glass is actually kept in place by putty, I would recommend that you have these replaced, as many burglars will just quickly chip away the putty and remove the glass in one piece, this leaves the thief with a secure opening.

 Fitting locks to double glazing is not easy, as firstly, if you do, you may lose your warranty because you have damaged the frame by putting holes in it to fit the lock or bolt. Secondly, the material the windows are made from is not very strong anyway, and is not strong enough to support a lock with screws. If you are getting double glazing fitted, ask the manufacturer what other security measures they can add to your windows at the time of manufacture, if they say there is nothing they can add, get a different double glazing company in to fit your windows. They want your business, they will add on extra security devices on your request, safeguard your home from all points and aspects.

With there being many different makes, models and types of window locks on the internet, when looking at them, each one will tell you exactly how it works, how to fit it and what type of windows they are for. If you are fitting the window locks yourself, and you are fitting them now, if you say to yourself :Oh, that will do" the next burglar along will just return the favour by saying "thank you", as he easily gates past your ill fitted window locks or because you only attached one window lock to your window. The window locks must at all times somehow attach to the window frame, or in the case of a ratchet lock, it is simply drilling a hole for the bolt to pass into the window frame.

 Window alarms have made an entry into the market place, these mainly work by vibration and emit an alarm when activated.

Sometimes it may be better to contact the police for advice as to which locks should be fitted, they are usually quite helpful, after all, it does help reduce the rising crime statistics.


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