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Don't Mount your TV over the fire place

Updated on October 21, 2012
Its bad for your TV and it lowers performance.
Its bad for your TV and it lowers performance.

Why you should'n't mount Tv over fireplace

Many homes come with a nice fireplace. This leaves a lot of opportunity for decoration. Most people usually want there Tv hung above the mantle of there fireplace. It fills the space easily and the fireplace is generally the center of the living rooms attention. It has become very common to hang flat screen TVs above the fireplace. In fact I think it has become too common.

The performance of your plasma,LCD, or LED depends on a few different factors. If you hang your television lower so that the screen is almost eye level. You will enjoy the watching experience much more than before. Your eyes are at a more relaxed position and your neck doesn't get a kink in it from looking up all the time.

If you are someone who uses your fireplace a lot then I would suggest you move your TV or don't hang it there in the first place. A fireplace has two purposes which are to look nice, and to provide warmth. TVs are not built to withstand such heat. Such heat could damage your TV beyond repair. So move it to a new location away from direct heat.

There are many things you can do to fill the space above the fireplace. I put a giant portrait of my family and I above our fireplace in order to fill up the empty space. I have a very open vaulted ceiling layout. There are two living rooms and a kitchen in the middle. I moved the Fifty inch plasma with aMustang Wall Mountinto the formal Living room. I mounted it at just above eye level and I kid you not when I say, immediate improvement on both video and audio performance. The whole thing was a great transaction for the family's entertainment.

Basically I am saying that if you want to mount your TV over your fireplace because you can't fill the space above the mantle. Then try a little harder and be inventive. It costs about thirty dollars to have a portrait blown up to a bigger size. I did one of my family and it looks great above the mantle. We get compliments every time somebody comes over. There are several books below that have every possibility for every set up out there. I would highly recommend getting one.


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