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Electric Donut Hole Makers and Cake Pop Cookers

Updated on February 21, 2012

If you enjoy a good dessert but hate that extra time in the kitchen and the mess making desserts always seems to make, then you are going to love this donut hole maker!

What are donut holes? Why, they're the yummy middle part you see missing from a regular had to go somewhere silly! Literally, these are round puffy bite size cake balls which make a scrumptious and very versatile dessert snack. In more recent times these have also come to be known as cake pops and there is something of a kitchen craze sweeping the nation as people find increasingly inventive ideas for decorating these scrumptious little balls made in the cake pop maker.

You can eat them just as they are and they'll taste like a regular plain donut, or you can get creative and add toppings or fillings using the flavor injector which comes with it. If like jelly donuts then you'll love these filled too as that handy little injector gadget lets you pump all kinds of delicious flavored fillings into them.

A donut hole cooker has a couple of huge advantages over going with the traditional method of making donuts from scratch.

First of all, this is the no fry way to make donuts. Frying is messy, it's ultimately unhealthy for you and it's a lot of extra cleanup and expense which you'll quickly find is unecessary once you buy one of these little beauties. Electric donut hole makers are the way to make them without frying...yup, so you get 'almost' healthy ones! Yes, I said 'almost', I mean geez, we don't want to take ALL the fun out of these little critters now do we?!

OK, so traditionalists are going to say deep fried batter is just the way it should be done, but seriously, this handy little kitchen gadget creates a much healthier version by baking the batter and not only that, it tastes just as good and will create up to 7 bitesize morsels in as little as five minutes.

They're so easy to use too. You don't have to worry about dangerous hot oil splashing everywhere or the disposal of it afterwards, here you just lightly oil the wells, drop in some batter and close up the lid. Five minutes later, and they're done!

Its great for the single person or for a family group setting. Single people, its quick and easy to whip up a small batch of donutty goodness and you get to control your portion size rather than guiltily muching through that 12 pack from the grocery store. Families, you guys can knock out a whole bunch of these in double quick time to treat your hungry brood.

Bella Cake Pop and Donut Maker, Red
Bella Cake Pop and Donut Maker, Red

Find it here at the best price online. Makes perfect donut holes every time!


One of the things I personally like about my mini donut hole or cake pop baker is that I can bake a quick dessert at the drop of a hat without slaving over a hot stove, or turning on the oven which is especially handy during the summer months when it regularly top 100 degrees here. Mine throws off very little heat by comparison and I've said it before and I'll say it again - no hot oil to worry about.

The really nice thing about a donut hole making machine is that this handy little kitchen gadget isn't JUST for following recipes for making donut holes at home either, as you can do so much more with it. In fact, the product comes with a whole bunch of ideas for other things you can make in the machine including muffins, brownie bites, cake pops, fritters and one buyer over at Amazon even uses theirs to make Ebelskiver which is a Danish sweet treat.

You really are limited only by your own creativity when you buy one of these and the nice thing is, its so easy to play around with different cake mixes, fillings etc. to create your own scrummy dessert masterpiece.


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