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Doorbell Intercom-Only Choose the Best

Updated on February 23, 2012
Doorbell Intercom
Doorbell Intercom

Benefits of Doorbell Intercom

If your looking to add a classic look to your house with added security then you want to go with a doorbell intercom. The doorbell intercoms are great for small or large houses, you know who is at your door or gate before you go to the door.

Benefits of doorbell intercoms is that they add to the value of your house, who doesn't want to add value to their house, I know I want to that's why I got one and they are great, some are very classic looking and others are modern and will look good on all houses, condos, or apartments.

Also some intercoms come with options of phone, radio, CD player, room to room intercom. So that means no more calling for the kids you can just page them or call to the room their in. Also with added technology you can have a wireless unit and the installation is simple.

Wireless Doorbell Intercom

Wireless doorbell intercoms are great because their is no need to tear apart the wall or be confused with wires and what goes where. These mount to the walls and the installation is done. The only wire that is required is the plug in.

Can others hear my conversation?

No with the voice privacy you have complete control over the privacy of your intercom. Their are multiple channels as well as sub channels in the main channels.

Most of the intercom systems can link up with 4 to 5 other system receivers so you can have them throughout the house. Same with those no wires needed just a plug in. The money you will save buying these will pay for themselves versus buying the wired intercoms. With the wired intercoms you will need to pay a electrician to route them thru the house as well as the patching, painting, for the walls that will have holes in them.

You can give 5 rooms their own button/channel. You can call each room individually or all at the same time. They have eliminated having to yell up the stairs for our kids. The intercom has helped with getting the kids up and moving in the morning for school, quieting them down when they get too loud or just calling them down for dinner.

The only negative is that there is some static and bleed through across channels if the units are placed too close together, as in against the same adjacent wall.

Wired Doorbell Intercom

Looking for a wired doorbell intercom then check out these three that are great for houses, condos, apartments. The only down fall to these is they will have to be installed usually depending on your experience. But their is added security to wired systems because the conversation is only transmitted through the house on the intercoms. Their not on wireless channels even though the wireless ones are great and private.


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