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Do’s And Dont’s Of Air Conditioning

Updated on January 5, 2016
Air conditioning is a basic need of almost every house because it gets very hot in summer.
Air conditioning is a basic need of almost every house because it gets very hot in summer. | Source

Air conditioning is a basic need of almost every house because it gets very hot in summer. There are some important things that should be kept in mind while installing a new air conditioning system. There are two kinds of air conditioning systems that can be installed at home and one of these systems is to use a separate air condition unit in every room of the house. This kind of air condition system is very strong and effective but at the same time it is very expensive. Separate air condition unit is installed in every room and that will increase the cost almost 3 times. It will also consume lots more electricity and heavy electricity bills will come every month. This kind of air conditioning system is suited in a more extreme kind of weather because when the weather is mildly hot, such strong AC system is not necessary and even a mild AC system will work fine.

Central Air Conditioning System

Central system of air conditioning is a lot more feasible that using separate units for every room. It has a giant unit that stays on your roof and ducts enter in every room. These ducts circulate cool air, and this more modern system will also take away the dry and hot air out of the house. Every room will have a separate thermostat to adjust air pressure as well as temperature. Central air conditioning is always more economical and especially if you choose the right company to do it.

Always prefer local providers because they will not add any shipment or installation charges in bill. Most of the people look for air conditioning systems online but this is not a really good idea. It is alright to just explore new and advanced technologies online but always look for a local company to install that air conditioning system. Air conditioning systems can get faulty and when purchased from a non-local company, they will never come to fix it and even if they come, they will charge extra travelling charges plus a very high amount of maintenance fee. This is not the case with local companies because they will maintain their systems in very feasible maintenance fee. They will not charge anything extra and most of these companies will also give free maintenance services for more than 6 months. Finding such a company is always a plus.

Air Conditioning Mistakes

One of the most common air conditioning mistakes is to buy large system. This system must be chosen according to the space and area of the house. Choosing an extra large system is never a very good idea because it will just consume lots of electricity. A large system will also make the house extra cool and though there are options of adjusting the temperature but it is never wise to have extra cooling. Another mistake that lots of people make is to keep these systems on for entire long day. This is not a wise thing because most of these systems come with an expiry date that is counted in hours. These hours count when system is turned on because it does not matter whether one is using it or not but when it is turned on, that means it is working. Make sure to install the main unit in a cool or shady place. Keeping it in open sun is also not very healthy for its work. Make sure that there are underground ducts that bring fresh air in the house because open ducts will ruin the entire interior of the house.


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