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Double Sleeping Bags

Updated on July 12, 2010

A double sleeping is an essential item if you want to go camping with your other half and is also a handy item to keep at home to prepare for couples as house guests. With a traditional sleeping bag, each person has their own sleeping space but double sleeping bags are big enough for too and very cozy! Why put up with sleeping separately from your partner just because you’re not at home? They’re also great to take to music festivals or anywhere where you need a quick sleeping space for two people.

Double sleeping bags are available in a range of styles and fabrics to suit different climates and conditions. You can choose to buy either two specially designed single sleeping bags that zip together into one double sleeping bag, or one large double sleeping bag. Two zipped sleeping bags are more flexible as you can use them both separately but they also tend not to be as comfortable due to the zip running down the middle – you can avoid this problem by using a double sleeping bag liner inside. This also provides extra warmth which is handy in the winter.

photo by 29143375@N05 on flickr
photo by 29143375@N05 on flickr

Choosing a Double Sleeping Bag

When deciding what type of sleeping bag to buy, think about where you will mostly be using it. If you are camping you’ll need a very warm sleeping bag and getting one made from a waterproof fabric can be a wise choice. If you’ll be using it mostly indoors then you can use a thinner bag. If you’re backpacking, you’ll want to make sure your sleeping bag is as light as possible and a down double sleeping bag would be good in this situation. In hot countries you can get away with just using a sleeping bag liner.

Double Sleeping Bag Types

There are various different options when it comes to choosing a double wide sleeping bag. Look at the temperature rating so you know what range of temperatures it can be comfortably used in. Also check the weight if this is an important factor for you. For extra comfort, consider the lining material – some models of double sleeping bag feature a cozy flannel lining. If you’re trying to pack light then you’ll want to choose a sleeping bag with a stuff sack that packs down small.

A Coleman double sleeping bag is one of the most popular choices. These sleeping bags use a hollow fiber method of insulation which traps air to improve the temperature rating and have a rectangular shape to accommodate two people but combine this with a cowl shaped hood similar to a mummy shaped sleeping bag, which is better for warmth.

You can buy double sleeping bags from most travel and outdoor pursuit stores and from several online stores. Shopping online can be a good place to start as you can read double sleeping bag reviews and often get discounted prices. The best double sleeping bag for you may not be the most highly rated one however, so remember to check each factor of warmth, size and weight for your particular needs.


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