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Downsizing with style

Updated on July 22, 2011

I never taught I would be downsizing at this time in my life but it is time for a new beginning and a fresh start. Life circumstance has forced me to downsize but I am taking it all in stride, and with God’s grace I am finding out more about life and where He wants to take me. I felt like I was stepping backward instead of going forward but that’s not true, in essence I am going forward, it’s just in another way that I had never taught about before.

Going from a house to a condo is a big change because they all seem smaller than I am use to; I have to compromise on lack of space and change my lifestyle completely. Living in one place for 11 years you accumulate a lot of stuff, keepsake, and clutter, moving uproot you from your comfort zone and forces you to re-evaluate your life and prioritize. Moving can be very overwhelming so you have to prepare yourself mentally to properly handle the challenge of moving, and readjusting your lifestyle accordingly.

I came to a decision that I will not be moving with all my stuff because something’s are unnecessary, the point of downsizing is to reduce the number of possessions you have acquired over the years. Just because you are trading down in size do not mean you have to trade down in style and comfort, this is my opportunity to step it up a notch and have a sleeker, sophisticated, and elegant look in my new place. Deciding on what to give up is a bit more intense than anticipated because I have become attached to certain things, and in the back of my mind I keep thinking maybe I will be able to use it later, and I don’t want to spend more money to buy the same things over again.

Looking at things with a fresh eye

This means I have to step back and assess all the things I have accumulate over the years objectively then prioritizing them, you do this by making a list of things you have and grouping them into 2 categories such as 1. Things want but not need, and 2. Things needed and it’s being used.

These are a few questions you could ask yourself in order to make a more realistic decision on the things to keep and the things to let go of.

·       When was the last time I used this? If you have not used it in the last 6months to a year then chances are you are not going to use it, and then you can add it to the pile of things not to keep.

·       What purpose does this serve? Will it serve a purpose in my new life?

·       Can I get by without it?

·       Can someone else benefit from it more than me?

·       What value is it to me?

 Planning is the key to success

Take the time to plan your move; it will take a bit more time but it will be well worth it in the end. What is your strategy to have a successful and stress free move?

Take a close look at your new place floor plan and pair it up with your current items, finding the right location for each item and seeing that they can fit comfortable in the new space. There is free online software at Better Homes and Gardens’ Arrange-A-Room, that will help you arrange your furniture according to their measurements in order to help you make the best furniture placements, this will alleviate a lot of stress and time when you move.

Budget for your move by checking into the cost of movers, transportation, and gas, then  allot a certain amount of money that you will need to cover all the expense of moving. Arrange in advance by which means you will be moving, will you be using a professional moving company or will you be moving with help from friends and family? Will you be renting a truck or using your own transport? When you have made your decision then you have to arrange on a date and time with your movers that you want to be moved, then re-confirm with them at least 2-3 days before the move.

Set aside a day before you move into your new place to give it a clean down so you can be assure the place is ready to be used, and you can be comfortable and relaxed in knowing things are cleaned to your liking.

Benefits of downsizing

Smaller can be better in many ways, you might miss your larger space but you will definitely feel a sense of relief when you finally make the move and adjust to your new space. With a smaller space you should be less stressed, less cluttered and less opportunity to overspend on buying household items because you will not have the space to accommodate these things. An uncluttered space can be very liberating and refreshing therefore making your environment more tranquil, with this you should be more relaxed and content.

One of the big expense you will be saving on is electric /gas bill because a smaller place means you need less use of utility to heat or cool your space, therefore you should see a dramatic decrease in your utility bill, and that will add up to more of a savings for you.

With a smaller space there should be less maintenance and repairs, that’s another area of savings for you. It will be a very pleasant relief for me not to have to worry about yard work and some big ticket items such as roof repair. Building maintenance is just a click away and you don’t have to worry about coming up with emergency funds for appliance malfunction, that’s so great.

Downsizing can present you with more opportunity other than cutting cost, such as added personal time, a small space take less time to clean and less effort to keep tidy, by saving time on such things you will be able to have more time for yourself and loved ones. It also presents you with the opportunity to better plan, and investing your savings to better fit your lifestyle by making your money work for you.

I am looking forward to the rewards of this move and my new lifestyle, thank God for this opportunity and gift.

Begin styling your new home

Whatever look you want to achieve this is your opportunity to do so and have fun with it, Do what you love not what other people say or think. Now that you have gotten rid of a lot of your things you now can concentrate on the pieces you have decided to keep and re-purpose them in your new space. Re purposing means that you use an old item in a new way, in a different room to achieve a new look, you have to look at things differently and open your mind to change in order to create a beautiful and fresh look.

Changing the size, shape, or even the color of something will make it look differently and work differently and more effectively in a space. Repositioning certain pieces of furniture to different rooms can be beautiful and certain things that you might not of though of using differently might fill other space or you can use certain pieces of furniture to fill other needs such as the need for added storage. For example; you could take a cabinet piece maybe from your kitchen and place it into your bathroom for extra storage, update it by painting it this will freshen up and modernize the look, you will be adding new life to an old piece, and it will look like it was always meant to be there in the space. After you place the cabinet in the room then fill it with such articles like towels and other bath items, and then accessorize the top shelf area with pretty decorative and coordinating items to bring charm, functionality, and elegance to your bathroom.

Let’s start with the living room and stylishly rearranging what left of your possession. First position all your furniture such as couches, coffee tables, end tables, wall units or whatever you are placing in your living room in places that fit and showcase them in the best possible light, its important that the furniture position flows just right so make sure you keep a clear path, the flow of traffic should not be impeded. If you are using rugs then this is the time to place the rugs where you want them, your rugs should make a statement a rug can be your wow factor in a room.

Now its time to accessorize; take a look at the wall space and decide on what type of pictures you want to be depicted in the space, what do you want the space to say? Are you working with a theme such as color or a particular motif, then you want the pictures to reflect that so the space can remain cohesive and beautiful. Strategically place nick knacks and other accessories in other places around the living room according to color, texture, fabric, and height. Group certain items together, this will make that area look rich and elegant, remember you want to continue the uncluttered look, and you want the space to flow and be pleasing to the eyes.

Proper placing of furniture will make your new space look bigger and they will look like they were made for that particular space. Do this for every room in your new space and you will be amaze of the beauty you have created from your old stuff just by doing something new with them, and you will also feel good and have a sense of accomplishment while saving money in the process.

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    • Dian'swords4u profile image


      7 years ago from North Carolina

      that is so true. God grows us on a daily basis. He stretehes, bends and squeezes us to get the most out uf us and to encourage us to do our bgest for him. God Bless You

    • jagandelight profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Florida

      Thanks Dian, for your continued support, it truly means a lot to me.

      How did you manage the stress of 5x move?

      I can't believe the stuff we accumulate once we get comfortable, I guess that's why God don't allow us to stay one place in Him to long because we would get too comfortable He continues to challenge our mind to come out of our comfort zone both spiritually and naturally.

    • jagandelight profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Florida

      Thank you Daphne.

      It's the truth any space can be your home because home is what you make it to be.

    • Dian'swords4u profile image


      7 years ago from North Carolina

      I know exactly where you are soming from. One year I moved 5 times. won't do that again. You really do accumulate a lot of stuff. I have been in my present home for about10 years and I can see that I need to do some sorting and weeding out now. I love your pictures and the way you are decorating. Good Luck with your new place. When you get there with your belongins in it , it will seem like home to you.

    • Honorablewoman profile image


      7 years ago from Georgia

      Love the pictures, Wonderful read, God Bless You and Your New Space. It isn't the size of the space, but the love you put into making it your own. Daphne

    • jagandelight profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for the read and the support,I truly appreciate it. Glad you found something you like.

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image


      7 years ago from NewYork

      inteesting hub, love the plaid otterman.with the overhead mirror.


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