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Drano Snake Plus | Best Clog Removing System

Updated on August 22, 2011

Drano Snake Plus

Drano Snake Plus is the only thing you need to get rid of that pesky clog!
Drano Snake Plus is the only thing you need to get rid of that pesky clog! | Source

Clogged Drain?

Clogged drains are really a drag. No matter how well you maintain your sink, no matter how many times you clean the bowl out - still over time the "aliens" from outside will build up. The only way to remove the clog in the pipes is to use some kind of tool. Yes, some kind of tool and some kind of chemical! Makes sense doesn't it? There is reasoning behind it. The reasoning behind it is the hair and other things (such as bits of paper, pencil shavings, make up, food particles, gum, micro legos, more gum, aunt Judy's wedding ring, the tv remove control...) often clog deep deep down in the pipes. You know...that hair from your husband or son shaving...well it doesnt all wash down ( did half that stuff I listed even get in the drain!). Luckily, hair is one of the easiest things to remove if it is the blockage culprit (unlike the remove control and legos which might require a plumber to remove them). There are many different kinds of drain de-cloggers out there but out of all of them Drano is the one I always go to. Drano has never once let me down before. Every time my sink blocked up I was like "Nope" and used Drano. Thats how it works, just like magic.

Drano Snake Plus

Drano Snake Plus Tool + Gel System
Drano Snake Plus Tool + Gel System

This is the dual action Drano Snake Plus! If your drain is clogged or just to have ready for when it is clogged this will be ready to power though it!


The New Drano Snake Plus!

Drano has been making drain products for a long long time now. Being a SCJohnson product Drano is made to preform right the first time. With this pack its easy to know what you need. The special thing about the new Drano Snake Plus pack is is both a physical tool to break the clog in the drain then its time tested chemical formula to power though and clear that drain!

The Tool - The tool is made out of a red plastic. It is malleable so it can move though the pipe but sturdy enough to attack what is causing the clog. The tool is 18 inches long (long enough to clear most drains) and has special hooks to grab on to anything that is clogging the drain. Overall this was the best design of a solid that can both bend and be strong.

The Formula - This is a powerful combination of chemicals. It is presented in a gel-type consistency to help clear the drain (if it was just watery it might bypass the clog and not do anything.) These chemicals completely clear the problem and clean not only the clog out but anything thats stuck on the walls of the pipe or what could begin to start a clog.

Together the power is in the two step process. This allows an average person to quickly clear standing water clogs and any clog that would take a physical blow to break up. Without both steps this wouldn't be effective...but thank god it now is! Not only will this clear your clog but it will not harm your plumbing system. Its guaranteed to be safe for plastic, PVC, metal pipes, garbage disposals and septic systems. So its almost a no drainer to choose! (Yeah its a bad pun, but the product rocks!)

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