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Pull Out Double Drawer Dishwashers - Fisher & Paykel Twin Dishwasher

Updated on February 20, 2012

The concept behind the drawer dishwasher was designed and manufactured by Fisher & Paykel. These dish washing machines come in two styles, either the single drawer dishwasher or double drawer dishwasher machine. Rather than featuring a pull down door with pull out dish cages, these are designed more along the lines of a filing cabinet, with pull out sliding dish drawers instead.

Not only are these very stylish looking dish washers but they also offer a functionality not seen in other styles of dishwashing machines. The two drawers in a twin drawer dishwasher operate independently, so when one is washing on heavy, the other can be washing on light, or not running at all. This gives a level of flexibility which is very nice to have in the modern kitchen.

Twin Drawer Dishwashers

Twin drawer dishwashers are really just a double drawer version of the single drawer dishwashers. The nice thing about these is you get two drawers which operate independently from each other which offers several benefits.

1. Firstly, if you only have a light load, you can run one drawer whilst continuing to fill up the other. So, if you live alone, for example, and make few dishes, then you can run lighter, cheaper loads of dishes when you need to and when guests or family come to visit, fill the whole thing up and run them both.

2. Secondly, having a twin drawer dishwasher means you can run different loads on different settings. So, you can put delicate china and other items which need washing in the top drawer and run a light wash and for more resilient items, put them in the bottom drawer and run a heavier wash, all at the same time.

3. Some people use double drawer dishwashers as both a washing and storage facility. You wash the items in on drawer and while you are filling the next, you use the dishes directly from the other one rather than bothering with putting them away which saves on time and on space if you have a small kitchen with little storage.

Single Drawer Dishwashers

A single drawer dishwasher is an ideal small kitchen dishwasher which makes a stylish built in alternative to other types of dish washing machines for small spaces. They make great apartment dishwashers or are a neat a stylish alternative to larger machines when you are single or a couple whose lifestyle means they do not dirty many dishes.

Single drawer dishwashers feature a single pull out drawer which will hold plates, cutlery, cups and glasses but rather than featuring a pull down door. They are basically the exact same thing as a twin drawer dishwashing machine but smaller and easier to locate in a tiny kitchen area by taking aup a much smaller footprint.

They are potentially more energy efficient too, as a small drawer style dishwasher will use less water and power than running a full sized model to clean small loads.

Used and Second Hand Drawer Dishwashers

If you like the look and style of a single or double drawer dishwasher but are unable to afford the price tag then you might like to look instead at some of the discounts you can find online. One great place to save money on this kind of home kitchen appliance is at eBay where you can often find new, used and reconditioned twin drawer and single drawer dishwashers at discount prices. eBay has second hand drawer dishwashers at big discounts but is also a good place to find overstock and factory recondition and refurbished dishwashers at low prices as well as new drawer dishwashers at inexpensive prices.

See A Fisher Paykel DishDrawer Video Demonstration

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