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Dress Up The Bath With Stylish Vanity Mirrors

Updated on March 20, 2011

When it comes to vanity mirrors, there are many choices on the market, making picking the right one a difficult task that requires careful consideration. Most vanity mirrors come with some sort of frame, but some don't; and those ones may only have a beveled glass edge. Choosing a framed vanity mirror will depend on your personal preferences and the scheme of your bathroom. You will also want to consider the size of mirror you will be purchasing, especially if you only have a certain amount of wall space available.

Measure Before You Buy A Vanity Mirror!

Before you head out the home décor or hardware store you should measure the space where you plan to hang your vanity mirror. Something you may want to take into consideration is the width of your pedestal sink or counter. If you have lighting above the sink, measure from the light fixture to the back of the counter as well. You should now have an idea of what size of mirror you will be purchasing.

Vanity mirror frames can be made of wood, plastic, metal, chrome or they can have just a beveled glass edge with no frame. If you bathroom features any decorative wood finishes, then you may want to choose a framed vanity mirror that has a matching finish. This will accent the existing wood finish as well as add a beautiful, decorative touch. Vanity mirrors with wooden frames are typically more expensive than those framed with plastic or metal, but the added warmth to the bathroom décor is definitely worth the additional cost! Wooden vanity mirrors should be about as wide as the countertop. If you have a pedestal sink, then an oval vanity mirror would look great.

Chrome Vanity Mirrors Are Sleek!

Some styles of vanity mirrors feature chrome edging, something that is standard in many bathrooms. This chrome edge may be gold or silvered colored and largely depends on the color of existing features and hardware in the bathroom. Typically, this style of mirror will be the same width as the counter and can reach right to the ceiling or to the vanity lighting. Chrome edged vanity mirrors are usually an inexpensive choice and are available in many rectangular or square sizes.

A chrome vanity mirror can be used to enhance a bathroom that has one whole wall taken up by a counter and sink. A very large wall mirror will help open up the space, making the bathroom appear much bigger than it really is. Large vanity mirrors reflect more light, making them great for use to apply your makeup and style your hair. This is also comes in handy in rooms where space may be limited.

Add Some Flare With Vanity Mirrors

Beveled vanity mirrors can be an economical choice for any bathroom. They are also easy to clean and they look great in large spaces! Glass beveling adds a touch of elegance to a room's décor, however the edges are delicate and fragile and require care when being handled. (You may want to have a professional install the mirror.) Beveled vanity mirrors are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including round, square, rectangular and oval. Choose one that is about the same width (no wider) than your countertop or the same width as your overhead vanity lighting.

There are other vanity mirrors available with decorative etching on the glass. Etched vanity mirrors are still functional, but there are also quite beautiful. They're great to use even if you just want a decorative mirror in your bathroom, or in any other room.

For those who want a vanity mirror with function, there's the medicine cabinet. No longer the utilitarian looking mirror of the past, medicine cabinets now come in many stylish designs that wil complement any bathroom décor.

Deciding which vanity mirror to use will depend largely on your own personal tastes, but be sure to consider the size carefully. A vanity mirror will change the dimensions and light of your bathroom.

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    • Hal Licino profile imageAUTHOR

      Hal Licino 

      9 years ago from Toronto


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      9 years ago

      Mirrors are a wonderful décor item. Good hub.


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