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Power Tools for the Home - Drill Press - Searching for a Good Used One

Updated on December 28, 2015

Catalogs Have Them


I Need a Good Used Drill Press

I am setting up a personal woodworking shop and I am looking for a drill press to use in it. I bought a new drill press at Fleet Farm and brought it home. The unit was a Genesis 5-speed bench model, which meant it was smaller and needed to be assembled and attached to a firm surface, like a bench or legs. It was going to work out perfectly for the small area that I needed it for.

Set up was fairly easy. I had to put the base on, attach the power head, tighten up the set screws, install the chuck. All said and done. Then, I made sure the beveled surface was level, put a drill in the chuck and was making sure that the bit was centered correctly and at a 90 degree. Ok. Bit in, lower it down. Wait. What's this? The bit jumps to the left when I complete the 360 degree turn with the lever. That's not right. I tried it again. Nope. Same problem. Bit jumps to the left.

I Called Fleet Farm

I called customer service. She was helpful. I explained that I had this drill press that I had just purchased two days earlier. I told her about the bit jumping sideways. It's supposed to track straight. You cannot have a drill bit jumping sideways when you are drilling into a piece of metal or a piece of wood. It needs to track straight. Simple as that.

She agreed and she checked their inventory at the store. Their store did not have one, but a store closer to my home had two listed. So, she told me it would be okay to return it to the alternate store. So. I loaded it up and took it in.

The new store customer service person was helpful. She looked in her computer at the inventory and said that there were two units listed, but that they were on hold for other customers. Which, of course meant that I was not going to get one. The floor personnel was called and he came up to customer service and reported that there was one unit, but that it was the display model and wasn't available.

I got my money back and went to look at the display model. There were two display models. One, like the one I had purchased and one that was a larger floor model. Out of curiosity, I turned the crank and discovered that their bench model had the same issue as the one I was returning. What? The floor model restored my sanity, however, because it tracked perfectly straight.

Once Bitten Twice Shy

You would still expect a cheap model to work. I mean. What is the point of buying a drill press that doesn't work?

I started looking in tool flyers that we receive in the mail. But, now, the nagging question of doubt hangs over my head. Will it work correctly. I have already been waiting for a long time to use one. I bought the first unit on the 7th and it's already the 19th.

Garage Sale - Drill Press

Well. There's one on a garage sale. Do I want to drive over to see it? Now, mind you, this guy has one on his garage sale and is not embarrassed by it's performance. Well. I guess I will drive over. If it's a used one, it will still be okay. It still has to track straight, etcetera, but I'll be able to determine that before I purchase it. Plus, I'm close enough to the Twin Cities if I go to that sale that I can make a personal visit to Northern Tool just up the road.

It just might turn out to be win/win.

There Are a Few Places to Try

My options at this point, are Craigslist, the Home Magazine, the Free Press, eBay and Amazon. I guess I prefer to physically see the unit before I buy it, so this garage sale thing is the answer for the first question.

I Thought About Making One

I thought about just making my own drill press. I have a motor, I'd need a few things, like some pulleys and some pipe and bars. If I got desperate, that is. I have a little unit that my father gave me that you mount a hand drill to, but, I'm still thinking that a drill press is the answer.

Drill Holder Drill Press


My Local Hardware Store

I was unsuccessful at my local hardware store. They could get me a drill press, but they'd have to order one. Their prices are fairly high and the clerk said that not very many people came into their store expecting to buy large power tools so they simply didn't carry drill presses. Now, if I had wanted a table saw or a planer or a chop saw, they could have supplied that, but not a drill press.

How About You

Have you bought a drill press?

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