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Drill Presses Allow For Better Quality Control While Drilling In Materials

Updated on February 16, 2015

What are Drill Presses

A drill press is basically a stationary form of a hand held drill. It is more accurate and is more powerful, making it easy to drill holes of varied diameter in various thicknesses of materials. It can be used for working on metal, wood or other material, though this may require changing the drill bits being used

Types of Drill Presses

Drill presses can be floor mounted or mounted on benches or table tops. Presses which are floor mounted are heavy duty ones that may have higher motor capacities allowing more demanding work to be done. Bench models are suitable for lighter work and will be commonly be found in wood working, whereas most structural fabrication shops will prefer floor mounted models. Models can be used that have varying speeds, so that changes can be made depending on the work being carried out. Speeds can vary from 500 to 4000 RPM. Lower speeds are more suitable for working on metal, while higher speeds are more commonly used for softer materials like wood. Horsepower of the motors driving the spindles must be at least 3/4th horsepower, though working in metal may call for higher capacity of motors.

Using the Drill Press

A drill press whose table can be lowered, raised or swiveled around the column allows for a lot of flexibility in doing the work and helps to move work pieces easily, while they remain clamped in the press. It can also be a great advantage to have a drill press where you can control the depth of the hole being drilled, and is very useful for repetitive jobs, and this ensures that the work done is consistent. Drill presses have heavy bases, a column attached to the base which may also function as a table and a motor with the drill chuck and spindle attached to the top of the column. In most of these presses, it is possible to lower and raise the drill, to guide it down to the work piece. Clamps and other arrangements to hold work pieces steady can be part of the drill press, thus leaving hands clear. Fences can also be used to keep work pieces in position.

These types of drills are used very commonly in the construction industry, woodwork shops, and fabrication shops. When you have to deal with harder materials or drill large holes, it is always good to have motors of high horsepower. A press that allows changes in speeds is the most versatile and can be used for all sorts of work. Some models offer as many as 12 speed functions, giving them extreme versatility. The amount of travel that a drill can make, called the quill travel, is important when you are choosing a drill, and this will have to be based on the work to be carried out. There are other accessories that need to be considered while buying these presses like sanding drums, mortising attachments and planer heads, which can help to reduce the number of operations with a work piece.


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