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Driveway Alarm System Plus The Added Security of Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras

Updated on September 4, 2009

The combination of a driveway alarm system and outdoor wireless security cameras are a true win win match in combating today's security issues like home invasions, car theft in your own driveway, smash and grabs, and overall added security to your currently installed home security system. Adding the Logitech Wilife wireless outdoor master system affords you complete knowledge of any outdoor perimeter movement and records it for views later on.

The addition of home video surveillance puts a lot of checks in the plus column when it comes to your family and property protection. If a crime does occur and is caught on the video security system - you can turn it over to the police to help in the apprehension and arrest of the criminals who victimized you. You can keep tabs on contractors, landscaping crews, and most importantly you can monitor your children when they are outside playing in the yard.

Outdoor Security Camera Installed
Outdoor Security Camera Installed

The grim reality of today's law enforcement agencies being understaffed has put the burden of safety and security squarely on your shoulders and tragically the police will only be there to deal with the aftermath. The prevention of a crime toward your family or home is the best weapon that you have available to you, since most home burglaries, child abductions, and vandalism  go unsolved and are placed in a filing cabinet, computer system or just forgotten. There is just too much going on to depend on anyone but yourself.

Sure any security system can be defeated or bypassed but with a three tier system in place you can have the advantage of surprise. There is no way on God's green Earth that they will be able know about and or detect all of these electronic traps set in place by you. The Voice Alert 6 system and the Logitech Wilife outdoor video camera can give you the needed extra few seconds to alert the police, set off the panic button on your ADT security system in your home, or just turn on all the lights inside and out and scare the thieves off your property.

Wireless Security Camera Demo

Voice Alert 6 Product Video Review


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