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DropStop - Wine Stains No More!

Updated on October 7, 2015

Beautiful Red Wine

Can't do without it
Can't do without it | Source

Embarassement at the Birthday Party

Most inventions originate from a specific problem. And that is how DropStop began. During the dinner party of his aunt's birthday Danish inventor Brian Vang Jensen accidentally spilt several drops of red wine on the embroidered white tablecloth. Feeling embarrassed he later could not stop thinking about how the unfortunate incident could have been avoided. Brian started experimenting with all kinds of materials, from tin to plastic, to see which would fit best in a bottle's neck to pour wine without spilling. The challenge was to find a material flexible enough to fit tightly against the inside of bottles of varying size, while on the other hand cutting the flow sufficiently to avoid the formation of drops.

The Solution

Brian eventually got through finding out a material with the required specifications. The shining silver discs were soon patented under the trademark 'DropStop' and also further developed by the Schur company, a Danish packaging business. First introduced into the Danish gift market, DropStop wine pourer discs quickly became a global success and are nowadays sold in over 50 countries. In it's simplicity the product bears all the marks of a genuine invention: it solves a particular problem, is easy to use and has an outstanding design. Simply roll up the DropStop disc, insert it into the bottle and pour wine without spilling a drop! Fits bottlenecks of all sizes. No more tablecloth or carpet stains. Guaranteed. After use simply clean Dropstop under tap water and let it dry. A single disc will last several years.

Clean White Tablecloth


The elegant silvery discs are available in a wide range of designs and supplied in an attractive packaging making them ideal as gifts. As a very special offer DropStop discs can be customized as promotional article. Access to create your own design or upload a picture of your choice. The customized wine pourers are made using full color digital printing for state of the art results. Each disc will make sure your trademark is noticed for years to come.
Above all enjoy your glass of red wine without worrying about stains on the tablecloth. Cheers!

Home of DropStop

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DropStop Wine Pourer


How to Remove Red Wine Stains


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