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Dry Winter Air? Go Green Indoors!

Updated on December 19, 2009

 Dry skin is a major comfort problem in the winter time. It seems like filling the dehumidifier or turning on the April Aire humidifier just isn't cutting it.  There is a simple way to keep the air in a house moist and fresh.  Get some house plants. 

There are a wonderful variety of plants that are beautiful, such as Begonias (pictured right).  You will need roughly 2 of 3 plants to keep up with the average family (husband, wife, and one child). The plant will use the carbon dioxide that you exhale and turn it into fresh oxygen for you to breath.  Recent studies have indicated that people who keep house plants are rarely sick and have less allergy problems.  Green, comfortable, and healthy.  This sounds like a    T-shirt slogan.



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