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Drying Dishes | Dish Racks | Drain Boards | Dishwashers | Save Dollars | Save Water

Updated on September 14, 2012
Stack enough dishes and equipment on this heavy drain board that would normally fill one dishwasher rack.
Stack enough dishes and equipment on this heavy drain board that would normally fill one dishwasher rack.
Perfect for large commercial sized stock pots
Perfect for large commercial sized stock pots
Use with or without a standard drain rack and still have room for long cooking utensils on the side.
Use with or without a standard drain rack and still have room for long cooking utensils on the side.
Drain board provides extra drain space next to the sink to wash vegetables.
Drain board provides extra drain space next to the sink to wash vegetables.

For Some things and habits we may just never really realize how much energy and precious resources that we are using, even when they are Energy Rated!

Did you know the average family of four may be spending .37 of energy cost and using nearly 6 gallons of water for each load of dishes in an automatic dish washer?

This cost is considering using the heated dry cycle and hot water heated by electric?

A gas hot water heater will save about half of that energy cost, but not the water usage.

This also does not include the soap and spot rinse chemicals, and the cost of utilities.

In contrast hand washing dishes will cost about .9 per sink load to wash, using much less water.

This may not seem like a lot of money over a year’s time, however it starts to stack up when several loads are being washed per day and all the other factors are added in.

Even energy efficient dishwasher manufactures are allowed to use up to nearly 6 (5.8) gallons of water to be qualify for the Energy Star Label.

Most older dishwashers made before the energy rating system will use up to 10 gallons of water.

Where water is in short supply and being conserved these numbers can become pretty significant.

Here is the real problem, families buy big everything not really considering the washing and storage.

Such things as the latest celebrity heavy duty cookware, to the latest electric kitchen gadgets with all the bells and whistles in attachments.

Most families will just throw in everything including large freezer containers, mixing bowls, counter top appliance bowls, pots and pans.

Just one large pan removed may allow enough additional space freed up to utilize half the rack for regular table service.

Then there is the tendency to crank the dishwasher up on super wash cycle and hot dry, just to be sure everything gets clean.

You can easily see where the cost of this simple home convince when used several times a day can really begin to add up.

You can cut the cost by using a cold water rinse cycle and opening the door to allow the dishes to air dry.

The problem with trying to hand wash these large containers in the kitchen sink is there’s really nowhere to stack them to air dry.

The flimsy plastic drying racks and drain boards also don’t work well, and never seem to be designed to drain run off rinse water back into the sink. Instead it ends up on the counter and running down the cabinet facing to leave a mess on the kitchen floor.

For the past couple of years we have enjoyed our Amish made Stainless Drain board. It provides us a whopping 20-1/2 x 18-1/4 drying space and slants from 2-1/2 down at the back to still drain in our ½” raised sink rim.

We use a standard sink strainer that we purchase locally, but the Amish drain board has been one of the best things that we ever did in our kitchen. We use it almost twice to three times per day, and every pot and pan, large bowl we place on the rack saves us in our dishwasher expense.

We really like to can and cook large batches stews and soups up to freeze for quick meals. We are constantly amazed on how much stuff we can stack up on this drain board and not have a drop of water end up on the counter top of floor.

It is heavy built using 22ga stainless steel, so this little board will take a lot of weight without sagging. The edges are folded and then rolled to prevent sharp edges. The corners are welded, not soldered, so there is no need to worry about lead.

The heavy Stainless Steel look goes very well with our Stainless appliances. It gives the kitchen that commercial look. I no longer fell that we have to run in ahead of unexpected company to hide the ugly plastic drain board that we use to have.

We have found the drain board to also be very handy to drain colanders when washing vegetables, and pastas.

As far as we have found on the Internet, like most all of their stuff Cottage Craft Works .com is the only one that carries this type of commercial grade drain board. You can even have one custom built to fit your counter or sink.


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