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Drywall Texture Mud Ceiling Wall Effects and Patterns-How To Make Texturing Comb Tools At Home

Updated on January 23, 2013
Make comb tools instruction templates plus Comb Making Plastic Material
Make comb tools instruction templates plus Comb Making Plastic Material

Drywall Texture Finish Mud Extreme Ceiling Wall Art Effects-Make Your Own Texturing Comb Tools-Instructions-Templates and Plans

Ceiling & Walls to decorate at home or on the job? Drywall Texture artistic comb effects & finishes onto your ceilings & walls to add an amazing three dimensional effect?

You need the tools. Artexing, drywall texturing hand held comb tools!

Looking for a decorative alternative that is so fun for anybody to learn & practice, highly attractive & mighty easy to learn yourself at home or on the job? This could even become a VERY WELL PAID HOBBY once you master your NEW SKILL! Would you like to create astounding & amazing, brand new, never seen before 3 d effect art patterns & designs over the inside (interior) walls & ceilings in your house or on the job using drywall texture (mud)?

Ok, here is an amazingly imaginative idea & method to create astounding, & I mean absolutely astounding drywall mud texture finish effects patterns designs & art & effects onto your own ceilings & walls at home, could be for re decorating, or home upgrades, by using certain texturing tools, nothing more than hand held drywall finish texturing combs that anyone, man or woman, with an interest can learn to make for themselves at home within a few hours.

These tools are straight forwardly simple & so easy to make within there concept alone but the capabilities for creating the most unique 'comb' designs onto ceilings & walls using drywall texture/mud as a finish are unbelievable once you have these tools in your hand!

Don’t believe what amazing finishes can be made with texturing combs? Then take a look at my video examples

Sometimes, here in the UK, these hand held tools are known as artexing combs!

Comb Making Kit-Complete Set

Comb Making Kit-Complete Set Make yourself the whole bunch of combs in the range at just a fraction of the cost.
Comb Making Kit-Complete Set Make yourself the whole bunch of combs in the range at just a fraction of the cost.

It's easier than you may imagine to making your own drywall texturing artexing combs

Up until now, many diy enthusiasts, & even professional drywall texture men & women have been limited when upgrading or redecorating house projects within their home or for their customer if they choose to apply drywall texture, or mud, to finish the ceilings & walls to the interior of their rooms.

Some methods to apply texture coating to the ceiling are by using an expensive hopper to blow on the drywall compound. Another method is to apply the mixed texture powder by ‘rolling it onto the surface’ using nothing more than a paint roller.

Now, make no mistake about it, by using the ‘roll on’ method, enables any do it yourself enthusiast to have a go at creating amazing effects, art designs & patterns using drywall texture as a finish. Plus hand held texturing combs as the desired tools for the job or task!

Next, usually, tools to use for the job of creating patterns & designs into the texture are quite basic & even very expensive indeed, that is, up until now.

In the olden days methods for application of mud or drywall texture onto the ceiling or wall is to be blown on with a machine, or rolled on with a paint roller, then methods for creating drywall texture patterns are usually ‘stomped’ onto the textured surface, or brushed or dragged or even trowel through the textured coating.

So there we have it. Your limitations! No wonder so many ordinary layman think drywall texture finish is for the professionals only.

But all this is about to change!

Have you not yet heard of the phrase covering the internet? 'extreme drywall finish texturing art & effects artex comb patterns & designs.'

My job is to bring something totally brand new & extremely exciting to everyday folk within areas around the world who would like to have a go themselves. Or even professional drywall texture finish guys & women who would like to learn a BRAND NEW IDEA to enhance & hone their current drywall finish skills to the next level.

Being a creator myself & a hands on, try before you buy kind of guy, & since 2006 I have been involved in putting together & writing one hell of the most unique step by step instructional ‘how to’ photographic guide book containing the complete art of drywall texture ceiling wall preparation, effects, patterns & designs & art downloadable book titled 'Nifty Tricks 'n' Tips Of a Professional Texture Practitioner' in which, I am giving away as a bonus with certain products I create, & many of my customers are fascinated by the contents when they have viewed their purchase, & since late 2009, I compiled, filmed & released my first brand new training at home video titled ‘Texture Revival Present's 3D Effect OysterShell Comb Pattern 'DVD' with fantastic customer response & feedback from every sinlge folk who have been captivated by what they are learning, these folk have benefited from these courses throughout my episode.

I also offer people my 2 sets of three ‘drywall texture combs’ which can be viewed here so that they may begin making their own combs & enjoy learning amazing & imaginative drywall texture finishes that not only spellbinds them, but enchants everyone else who views their completed projects once completed professionally, using only drywall texture or mud as a finish & combs to create the deigns & patterns. My website is the only place that you can get these sets of combs shipped to your country from the UK.

But I have a problem to confess. These combs are shipped from the UK to America & Canada, in fact, to many other countries worldwide, so I have to take the cost of posting into consideration, plus, these sets of three combs are a real pain & time consuming to package securely so they don’t become damaged in transit on their long & perilous route, then I want to make sure my purchaser gets his or her combs in tipity top condition, therefore I have to use the expense of a ‘signed for delivery charge’ when posting.

Now this gave me something else to consider. I have now only just created your brand new, never before released, downloadable step by step instructional manual of plans, featuring the actual photos of full comb creation I do, showing you exactly how to do the whole process for yourself, plus full instructions, & EVEN THE PLASTIC COMB MAKING SHEETS enabling you to follow exactly what I am doing so that YOU can make your own combs at home. & this plan of comb creation you can get your hands on instantly so that you can begin to make your own combs at just a mere a fraction of the cost that it would take compared to getting combs ready made directly from me.

Also, & very importantly, I have enclosed with your manual & plans, the actual set of SCALED TO SIZE templates that you will print out onto an A4 size piece of paper & place onto the material I tell you to use to create the exact same comb ‘patterns’ (if you choose the download booklet & templates) to make the combs that I have been selling worldwide, although I shouldn’t give out this information I am, only to keep costs down for interested folk who long to attempt their own do it yourself drywall texture comb effects & are on a budget.

So, you may be wondering, how do the whole ‘comb creation process’ work?

The combs are created in two parts. The wooden handle and, the plastic edge that creates the desired design once drawn through the applied texture!

There is really not a lot to it but it is a certain kind of plastic you must use, for certain reasons revealed within your download, which you will receive if you chose comb making kit choice 2: plus I recommend the correct wood. Plus, the templates to use are essential to create that amazing effect that is taking the drywall world by storm.

Tools are basic & minimal & any one with the inclination can actually make for themselves these sets of 3 combs (as per the templates within) within a few hours.

And what about the benefits?

1: Save yourself a considerable amount of money by making them yourself!

2: Never run the risk of running out of combs again!

3: Make them & store them for yourself for future use!

4: Print out the templates as many times as you want, when you want!

5: Allows me even more time so that I can bring to you brand new teach you at home amazing & unique comb ceiling effects DVD’s (I have some amazing jaw dropping designs enthusiasts will be itching to try for themselves or their customers)

let me just tell you how I roll.

treat others like you like to be treated yourself.

what goes around comes around.

don't do unto others what you would not like done to you.

If I think something is difficult for another person to do for themselves, I would not even contemplate creating ‘how to step by step information’ for these people therefore, I have created this brand new line just for you.

Easy for you to follow. Easy for you to implement for yourself. NOW COMES WITH 2 SHEETS OF COMB MAKING PLASTIC & you can grab these kits as they are IN-EXPENSIVE & if you are not happy for any reason, I'll give you A FULL REFUND you just send me back the plastic & the CD ROM & you get your money back.

Want to make your won comb tools? Follow this link

And please, these combs are for personal use & for using on the job only. Please do not make & sell your combs to others. Thank you!

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If you would like to know more please do contact me, just leave your comment or e-mail me at I would love to hear from you.

Want more information, descriptions & know how for making your own combs, especially, the patterns you can create into drywall texture finish too? Follow this link:

Regards & happy texturing for 2012 & way way beyond

Dale Ovenstone say’s Go on, Create a Craze! 2012


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