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Ductless Air Conditioning – Save Money Cooling Your Home

Updated on December 9, 2010

A Ductless air conditioning system cools your home without the need for a central air duct. The advantages of these systems are the cost of installation and the ease of maintenance but before you buy here are some important points to keep in mind.

Why Choose a Ductless Air Conditioning System?

If you are trying to heat or cool your house then you want to do it in the most efficient way possible. Air conditioning systems can be very costly for larger spaces and much of the energy tends to be wasted when the space that is being cooled or heated is not in use.  Unlike a central air conditioning system the ductless systems do not require the installation of ducting, this alone means that you can save thousands because you do not have to make any structural changes to your home or office.

Ductless air conditioners come in two main types; window mounted and split systems. The window mounted types are the cheapest to buy and easiest to install. Everything is contained within one machine and it is mounted on your window to blow cool air into the room and expel the heat and condensation out directly. The split systems are so named because they are divided into a fan unit and refrigerant unit that can be installed in separate locations or through walls and connected via cabling. The split units are slightly more expensive but cheaper to run and quieter than the window mounted versions. 

Duct systems take up a bit of space and can significantly lower ceilings and clearance levels within a building. Because they run off a single unit, any fault or damage would affect the entire property. As you are using one large unit they are often significantly louder than their ductless counterparts and will take up more power as the fan will have to push the air from the unit around the entire system while also needing more space outside the building for storage.

Ductless Air Conditioning
Ductless Air Conditioning

Fire Hazards and Airborne Pathogens

Most people fail to recognize that extensive air duct systems can be dangerous for the occupants of a building for a number of reasons including fires and viruses. In the event of a fire, a central air conditioning system will help spread the fire and particularly the smoke throughout the building. In many home and office fires the most damage will come as a result of smoke inhalation. The smoke is often what kills the people because their bodies are deprived of oxygen they cannot move to a safe location and become trapped by the fire. Although some would argue that the ducting would help warn others of the fire it also makes it harder to contain because the smoke and fire can move through the system and catch other flammable materials like the wiring and electrical systems.

On a less serious but more common note, studies have shown that the central air conditioning systems can help spread viruses and airborne pathogens. This means that one employee getting sick could affect the entire floor or even building. As the air is not recirculated as with many ductless air conditioning systems dust particles and other undesirables can collect within the ducting that is not only difficult to clean but in many homes and offices never done.

Ductless Air Conditioning
Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless Air Conditioners Save you Money

Because you are only heating or cooling a selected space a ductless air conditioner provides you more control over how you choose to do so.  As the system has a thermostat control it will shut itself off once the room has reached the desired temperature.  This extra control means that you are not spending your electricity bill on parts of your home or office where you don’t spend much time. E.g. In more temperate climates a simple window mounted unit in the bedroom will often be more than enough and in colder climates you can focus the heat into the rooms that you use the most. In addition you will avoid any structural complications or problems like the ducts leaking the cool air and having to operate longer.

If you are looking to save even more money then you should look for the highest energy efficiency rating possible for your unit.  These will heat or cool the space quickly without losing much power to heat that is given off by its component parts or the fan having to work harder to blow the air further from the unit as with ducted systems. You will also get a quieter piece of equipment as vibrations will be minimized inside the unit.   If you are using a split system then installing the fan unit and the outdoor refrigerant unit as close as possible will help you cool your house at maximum efficiency.

Buying and Renting Air Conditioners

You can consider renting your air conditioner as a way to save money for your business. The initial outlay for an office can be quite high so renting your air conditioning can be a great way to curb costs particularly when you are starting up.


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    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 

      7 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      You're right,I hear people tell me ow it's so much cheaper to have a ductless system....thanks for sharing Knowledge Ninja.;)


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