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Duracraft DT-75 Personal 2-Speed Fan Review

Updated on November 13, 2010

Click Here to Buy Duracraft DT-75 Personal 2-Speed Fan

“I have bought three of these fans and they are just wonderful. I really like that the controls are mounted on the front which allows for easy control.”

“I bought one of these for my dorm room because it gets really hot in the afternoons. I have to say this really does a good job of keeping the room cool.”

“I bought this fan for my cubicle since it gets stuffy often. With the low speed settings, it was sufficient enough to keep me cool without blowing my papers all over the place. Plus it is really quiet so it doesn’t bother anyone. I highly recommend this fan if you want to keep a small area cool.”

Are you looking for a simple and effective way to cool yourself down while you’re working at your desk? Do you not want to turn on the AC because you want to save money on electric costs? If so, then you need to get the Duracraft DT-75 Personal 2-Speed Fan.

If you are looking for a fan to cool your entire room, then the Duracraft DT-75 Personal 2-Speed Fan is not for you. But if you want a fan for putting on your work desk or on your nightstand then this fan is just what you need. This personal has 2 speed control settings which are easy to operate since it’s mounted on the front. The small and compact design of this fan allows you to take it anywhere. For example, you can easily move it from one room to another. You can also take this fan to work and have it cool down your cubicle. This personal fan is so quiet that your coworker in the next cube wouldn’t even hear it.

All in all, the Duracraft DT-75 Personal 2-Speed Fan is a great fan for those looking for a cheap and reliable way to keep cool.


  • Personal fan with 2 speeds for effective cooling results
  • Easy-access front-mounted controls for Low, High, or Off
  • Compact size fits nicely into small spaces
  • Ideal for home or office; simple, attractive design


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    • shanel profile image

      shanel 7 years ago from Seattle

      Keeping the air circulating, especially during the hot summer months, is a great way to stay a little cooler. Nice hub.