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Durban Property Searcher

Updated on August 1, 2010

New Portal for Durban Property Market.

With the ever increasing use of the internet to find a suitable property to rent or purchase, be it a new home or an investment property, a new Portal has been launched to service the needs of the property market in the Durban and surrounding districts.

"Durban-Property-Searcher" was created out of the necessity to provide an estate agency and building related services database for easing the publics' search for suppliers and services to the Durban Market. Currently it is difficult to compile a list of all the property available in a specific area which meets a property searchers' needs.

 The new Property portal,durban-property-searcher, has a unique twist to it in that it is not used to display properties to rent or for sale, but gives you the freedom of choice to select and browse the websites of residential estate agencies specializing in a particular marketplace in the Durban and surrounding districts.

A second option allows you to browse and search the websites of agencies specializing in the commercial property, industrial property, investment property and auction property sectors of the Durban Property market.


The building related industry option is a diverse collection of Plumbers, Electricians, Decorators, Builders, Surveyors, Pavers, Roofers to name a few and a host of supply companies to the building industry which should enable any searcher to find anything form a gutter or tap for the DIY enthusiast, to obtaining help form construction companies with projects of a larger nature.

The website has a host of helpful legal documents in the form of leases, sale agreements and resolutions for the Landlords needs and links to most governing bodies in the Real Estate industry.

Still in its infant stages, the "Durban-Property-Searcher" website hopes to encourage property professionals to assist with any public requests for more information in its property discussion forum.

see the whole website at


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