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Durban Property To Let and Durban Property For Sale

Updated on October 11, 2011

Property to let and for sale in Durban

In my search recently, to find a new home for my family, I was extremely frustrated in my search forĀ  a suitable property in the Durban area. The reason for my frustration was that every time I used the internet to find what was available in the market place, the same properties kept showing up in the results or that the same property companies offering property for sale or for lease, kept showing up in the results.

The results were not solving my problem to find a new home. I decided to set out and design a new directory which would bring all the different property companies into one place where someone could browse each companies offering and get the entire broader picture of what was available without being prejudiced by the different spending and marketing budgets that each estate agency had allocated. The result was

Is this your new home ?

Looking for that Palatial Durban Property ?
Looking for that Palatial Durban Property ?

So How did we find a Durban property

The Durban Property Searcher website encompassed most of the industries that are associated with the Durban Property Market in general and enabled us to use the Residential Property button on the home page to find an array of companies that were offering Durban Property for lease or purchase.

The fact that the website was not influenced by any agenda or affiliation to a particular estate agency was great in providing a comprehensive list of all the estate agents in the Durban Area.

Tired of living in the city?

Need a Durban Property in the countryside ?
Need a Durban Property in the countryside ?

Other Searches for different types of Durban Property

We soon realised that the different searches carried out in our design phase also resulted in a very limited and frustrating presentation of options.

We decided to set about covering as many aspects of the property market that would provide convenience to the public in their search for property and to solve some of the frustrations that we had experienced.

Our first step was to set up a page with all the residential companies offering any type of property for sale or rent in the Durban and surrounding districts. The second step was to carry out the same action for the commercial and industrial property sector, the investment property sector, the auction property sector and also a few links to overseas property in case anyone was interested in assessing the overseas markets.

What other property assistance would be needed

So now we had the bases covered as far as being able to use one central place to find a Durban Property.

We thought about what other types of services, a property searcher would need and came up with the list in the toolbar as follows.

There was still something missing

What about the building trade and building related services for the DIY enthusiast.

We had to include a directory of the building trade and make it simple enough to use.

So we did just that. A directory of all the websites of companies who offered security, flooring,surveyors,builders,decor,shopfitting,electrical,plumbing,painting,architects,pools,paving,hardware stores,gardening,airconditioning, roofing,legal and even a place where a company could be formed cheaply for buying for that family trust or company.

So it was finally complete

Every day we find ourselves using the website now in our search for new guttering for projects, paint specials and even our next project property for putting our modernistic interpreatation on before returning it to the marketplace for a happy new home owner and looking for the next Durban Property for sale or to let out to a happy tenant.

I hope that you find the site as helpful as we do and will suggest any additions to make it easier using it as a directory.


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    • Dale Nelson profile image

      Dale Nelson 8 years ago from South Africa

      Its a question of leverage.The financail institutions will assess the value in relation to their risk.Consult a mortgage lender for the in and outs of this method.

    • profile image

      Repo Diesel Pushers 8 years ago

      How can I buy a short sale property if I need to sell my current home?

    • Dale Nelson profile image

      Dale Nelson 8 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks for reading. What a great town Umhlanga is.Especially love it during the holiday season when the Chartwell Drive area is a buzz of nightlife.Fellow Rox local.

    • Umhlanga Durban profile image

      Umhlanga Durban 8 years ago from South Africa

      If your interested in Durban Accommodation why not try this site ?

      sometimes small operators give better service