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Durban Warehouse Bayhead Jacobs Mobeni Prospecton

Updated on July 16, 2010

Durban warehousing to let and for sale near the port

 Selected warehouses and factories in Zone 1 and 2 of Durban port operations

The current trend for Durban and national logistics and frieght operations is somewhat of a duanting task to source suitable warehouse and factory premises to let or for sale in Bayhead, Mobeni,Jacobs, Clairwood and Prospecton that is suited for 20 foot, 40 foot and superlink trailer access.

We are able to provide some of the following options to rent and for sale in the Durban areas of Bayhead,Mobeni,Jacobs and Prospecton in close proximity to the container depot in Bayhead road.

Please feel free to send us any special requests - see contact details below

Warehouse in Jacobs Bayhead Mobeni Umbilo or Prospecton

 This is a photo of a typical construction of the type of warehouse you can expect to rent or purchase in the Jacobs, Umbilo, Prospecton, Mobeni or Bayhead areas.

The warehouse is usually built with an adequate floor loading capacity for a logistics operation and cladded with IBR sheeting on a steel lego type set. The first few meters of heigght or usually plastered or facebriack and power varies from operation to property.

Yard is generally 750 mm of crusher run with a 250 mm concrete or tarmac surface for turning of superlinks and containers.

Warehouse in Prospecton Jacobs Mobeni and Umbilo

Warehouse in Jacobs Mobeni Umbilo Prospecton
Warehouse in Jacobs Mobeni Umbilo Prospecton

So if You are looking for a warehouse facility to let

That looks something like this,

Then please mail us your contact details and the size of the warehouse you are looking for and what area of Durban and we can provide a list of sites to view.

Please mail Dale Nelson of Maxprop Commercial and Industrial Division



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