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Dusk to Dawn Light Bulbs

Updated on October 21, 2014

Dusk to Dawn Light Bulbs for Added Home Security

Installing the right security light is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to improve the security of your home. However it is not just any lighting system that will help to keep burglars away. In fact many burglars will carry out crimes in broad day light. The fact is that if you choose the right lighting system you will be able to improve the visibility of the area you want secured and this will in one way or another increase the level of security. Keep in mind that the harder it is for a burglar to break into your home, office, warehouse or any other insured place, the lower the premiums you will have to pay.

Having a lighting system outside the place that you want to improve security is one important step you can take. Using efficient dusk to dawn light bulbs as the main source of security light to shield your property is one recommended step. Consider installing top rated dusk to dawn lights rather than solely relying on motion sensor lights which will only switch on when motion is detected in the field of infrared (IR) rays. Having effective dusk to dawn security lights allows you to enjoy the easiest way to add extra light to that landscape or just enough security light for your yard at night. Featured below is the best dusk to dawn light bulbs list that you may consider when choosing the best security lights to improve your security.

Cooper Lighting GT 100 MH 100W Metal Halide Industrial Grade Security Dusk to Dawn Area Light

The Cooper Lighting GT 100MH 100W is a highly rated bulb for areas that require highly concentrated light. The bulb features a heavy duty die cast metal that houses a high impact lens to offer you maximum light while maintaining its durability. The high impact lens is structured to maximize the light produced by the bulb enabling it to cover a large light area of approximately 5655 square feet when mounted at a 15' height. The bulb comes with a replaceable twist lock and a unique photo control that has an optimal cover to enhance your flexibility when controlling the light. With a strong metal guard attached, the high impact lenses are well protected while the bulb is kept safe from damage. If you are looking for an energy efficient bulb which offers enough light to cover a large area, then this is the bulb to consider. The fixture is operated on a standard of 120V 60 Hz household current to allow you to save more on your energy bills. To make the installation process easy, the security light boasts an EZ- mount bracket and a quick wiring system.

Cooper Lighting AL 70MH 70W Metal Halide Safety and Security Dusk to Dawn Area Light

Having a medium light concentration may be an option you have to consider for a secluded security area. That's why the Cooper Lighting AL 70 is made for you. This is highly rated and comes with an affordable price at Amazon. It features a corrosion resistant die cast aluminium housing that allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions without rusting. To make it easy for you to control the light, it has a special twist lock with a replaceable photo control. The metal halide medium base offers you high protection for the lens while still ensuring that the bulb is not damaged. The top mounting of the box allows you to easily use pre-drilled holes for quick and easy installation. In case you do not need as much lighting for your targeted area, then this should be considered. The bulb comes at a very affordable price and it can be easily ordered at Amazon. If you are looking for the perfect security light to improve security by producing a medium to large light concentration then this Cooper Lighting light is one to consider.

Designers Edge L-1770-70W-HPS-BR Ecozone 70-Watt High Pressure Sodium Dusk to Dawn Security Light

You may want an all round light system that can produce the right amount of light at any place. If so then this is the light to consider. It is highly rated and comes at a great price from Amazon. Whether you are looking for a lighting system to make your home, warehouse or office a safer place, you should not miss the Designers Edge L-1770-70W. The light features a durable energy efficient bulb and an industrial grade vandal resistant polycarbonate cover with a unique metal black plate to offer maximum protection to your bulb to make it last for a long period of time. With an automatic dusk till dawn sensor and a replaceable photocell, you do not have to turn your light on at dusk and off at dawn as the system will have done it for you at just the right time. It is now easy to improve the level of security while at the same time saving on energy with this dusk to dawn lighting system.

Philips 405852 Energy Saver Compact Fluorescent Dusk to Dawn 14 Watt Twister Light Bulb

Sometimes having low light levels in certain places may be important as it allows you to save on energy consumption while still maintaining a given level of security. With the Philips 14 watt energy saver bulb you can reap these benefits. Apart from the good recommendations, the bulb is sold at a very affordable price and you can easily order it at Amazon. It features a special Philips energy saver compact fluorescent of just 14 watts. The dusk to dawn automatic light makes the bulb ideal for places enclosed by a post light fixture. If you are looking for a soft white light similar to that of an incandescent light, this is the bulb to consider. The rotating base with an in built photo sensor allows the lighting system to automatically turn on the lights at dusk and switch them off at dawn. The Philips 405852 energy saver bulb is specially built to replace your current A19 60 watt incandescent as it will last for at least seven years.

Designers Edge L-1772-26W-BR Ecozone 26-Watt Fluorescent Dusk to Dawn Security Light

A 26 watt dusk to dawn light will enable you to achieve that low light concentration while still maintaining good security levels. This light is highly rated on Amazon and it comes at a very affordable price. It features a special decorative acrylic prismatic lens to produce maximum light to cover a large area. The slim round design makes it a good match for many modern designs. With a complete Designers Edge L-1772 26 watt dusk till dawn lighting system, you can save on energy while still enjoying maximum security.


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