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Updated on April 17, 2012

Lovers, Dutch, And Flowers And Crime. Rated XXXXXXXXXXXXX Fantasy

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dutch is a strong tall, well built Irish bird of the feather . He wears his uniform proudly unless Flowers is around to turn him on because Flowers is nothing less than one magnificent honey. She is like a lovely little meadow lark with deliciously delectable creamy soft luscious thighs , Dutch finds her irresistible when he does not have his mind on separating capital criminals from their brutal lives .

Dutch has been getting a little depressed lately. Flower's thinks of Dutch as a turn on, and one fine example of a cool hunk , and an adorable partner as she holds his beak against her breast. Dutch is in his most pleasing comfort zone with his beak near her lovely cleavage, and of course his downstair's equipment has proceeded into another horny phase . Sex is what will help snap, or cure Dutch of his horrid depressing mood because he has not put anyone behind bars, or in a cemetery plot in a whole week.

Dutch talks about crime to Flowers. " Sugar , remember when I blasted that gun bird with my 44 magnum Remington. It felt so groovy to let him have it , but remember that awful paperwork. I hate paperwork don't you dear. Thank goodness our darling friends helped the friendly store keeper mop up all the killer's brains,and body parts from his freezer. I think pitching in, and giving folks a head start, or helping hand is a civic duty, and responsibility, don't you think so Flowers ? "

Flowers responded in kind, " You are so full of smart butt baloney Dutch. Why don't you just admit that you enjoy every bit of blasting the low life brains right out of the skulls of scum bags , and that you get a sick depraved thrill, and sick satisfaction in all that miserable blood, and guts. We both need to hang up this horrible kind of life to live decent lives , and to raise a family. Personally Dutch we need to get together to make some decent chicks , and give up this horrible nonsense ."

Dutch smiled , and said, " You're a real honey when you get worked up like peaches, and cream , and that is a turn on so why don't you just simply lay back, take two of your baby aspirins for your heart health, and descend those snug pink undies of you'res so that big bird can play in the bushes sugar pie in the back seat with us . " Woo who you horny buzzard , said Flowers, " You're a real corny screwball soldier boy when you get that hard on, and when you're as eager as a porch squirrel my big handsome cowboy lug with that mighty play thing of you'res ." Take note of how both have already talked so nasty that they do not even need actual sex, but they enjoy that extra perk anyway.

Dutch casually begins to unbutton her blue New York uniform shirt being extra careful not to wrinkle it, or lose any of her brass . Flowers received the Medal of Valor twice. Once for saving the lives of five SWAT bird officers by shooting three armed robbers in a Federal bank after being grazed in the hip by a 44 caliber hollow point steel jacketed hot load. The shooter went down firing and automatic short stocked rifle. He was dead before he hit the floor with most of his skull, and brains splattered on a teller's dead body, but the nerve impulses of his trigger finger fired a near deadly round that could have shattered her hip. Fortunately it was just a flesh wound. It was in, and out , and that was cool .

Dutch kissed her healed wound which was a hot turn on for her, as the broad chested Irish bird gently raised her feet above his head after kissing her sweet toes, and legs as he carefully inched his way between her inner thighs, and resting her ankles, and legs on his firm muscular shoulders. They needed a much bigger , and more comfortable car. Definitely they would be filling out triplicate applications, and handing them over to the desk sergeant. There was a pretty good chance that the mayor , and city council would approve of new police cruisers .

Well it was right in the middle of their throws in love making when they received a call from the dispatcher. There was about to be a shootout between narcotics agents, state troopers, and Heroin, and Colombian cocaine pushers. Automatically both Dutch , and Flowers quickly jumped right back into the front seat of their cruiser. Lord dang my soul shouted Dutch, those dirty whelps messed me up when I was just about to finish up some super sweet loving with you peaches. Cool it , said Flowers, it will just get better later."

Flower's started buttoning her shirt up as she grabbed her nickel plated 38 Smith & Wesson, and covered her voluptuous breasts with her well endowed bullet proof vest. Her choice of handguns was her revolver. They also stopped to open the trunk to take out two good old fashioned sub machine guns. They were the same kind of farm tools that John Del linger favored .They liked their sub machine guns for those difficult hard to reach places . When they arrived at the scene they bailed out with guns drawn, unlocked, and ready as they charged into a warehouse where there was already gunfire.

The ATF, the FBI, even a few CIA operatives, and narcotics agents were in there popping off rounds at Colombian dope pushers, and drug lords dressed for days in the sun, and in short pants wearing colorful good time beach shirts. The creeps had automatic weapons, and were lighting up the place with gun fire. Dutch saw movement in and upstairs storage area. He fired a quick thirty round blast, and bullets ricocheted as some struck a shooter that yelled when he got it in his wicked heart as high powered lead tore off a quarter of his head. It was a mess up there.

And ATF agent they recognized took shells in the back, and unfortunately his bullet proof vest did not work all that well. The bullets did not kill him , but there impact separated vertebrae in his spinal cord. The injured agent hit the floor screaming in agony as Dutch became furious, and stood up like ,and open target blasting the brains out of anything that moved. Flowers joined in with heavy backup fire, and there with blood, guts, entrails, brains everywhere, they were finished. The barrels of their sub machine guns were crimson red, and so hot that they had to drop them to the floor where they stood as they grabbed automatic weapons from two dead ATF agents.

When it was over Dutch felt something warm oozing from his shoulder.He yelled, those low life rat butts hit me. Dutch was furious as he went to the dead dope pushers , and unloaded what seemed like a hundred rounds of lead in them . Flowers raised the muzzle of her lover's smoking rifle barrel , grabbed her lover's gun, and released the clip, and cleared his magazine chamber, and tossed his hot weapon on the cement warehouse floor. Flowers then caught sight of movement , and directed the muzzle of her Thompson Sub machine gun right at three gunmen , and cut through them like they were Swiss cheese as their lifeless bodies dropped dead on the warehouse floor.

Dutch And Flowers found a lot of dirty dope, and dirty illegal drugs, and one hundred million dollars in uncut diamonds, and fifty million dollars in cash. All the dirty drugs, and life destroying dope was incinerated by fire by decent officials. The money, and the diamonds became the property of the U.S. Government , and it was exchanged for funds that paid for school computers, play grounds for kids, help, and food, and medicine for the homeless, and some of it went to buy food for starving children , and school houses for children in under developed countries. Some would say it was blood money, but it went for good things after all.

When it was all over four ATF agents were shot dead, but eight Colombian drug lords were deader than door nails with their armed body guards included.

The clean up squads were called in. Paramedics , police, and even fire fighters were there to make sure the warehouse would not go up in flames to be a threat to the locals.

Dutch was told by Flowers to simply shut the hell up, and to peacefully take his ride to the hospital as she rode in the back of the ambulance along with her partner.

Dutch said, " When they fix my shoulder honey bunch, how about a few beers with me my baby, my pretty girl."

Flowers said, " Well, you're going to get more than that boy friend ."

Dutch said, " I'm feeling much better already."

Flower's said, " I knew you would," and then Dutch slowly moved his right hand to a forbidden area as two Paramedic pigeon birds looked on in awe. One said , " Joe, do you see where that dirty bird put his right fingers? "

" I sure did, " said Randolf, " and it was right up that detective girl bird's britches."

And with fierce eyes Joe said, " Why don't you two cops do your fondling at home, and not in my ambulance."

Dutch looked hard at Joe and said, " Now look here Joe ! I am the injured bird here not you, and where I put my fingers is none of your dang business so if you don't like it turn your beak ."

Joe and Randolf turned their beaks as Dutch, and Flowers proceeded to finish their love making right in the back of a fast moving ambulance with a siren on full blast.

The End.

God Bless Everyone.


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    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Eiddwen : You have a wondrful imagination too, and lots of wonderful artistry in your writing to boot. You'res is filled with wonder, and so much beauty that is a delight in your fine story telling, and in your dazzling poetry. God Bless you, you are my special precious heart.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      6 years ago from Wales

      Indeed a great imagination which I think many of us share on here.

      Thanks for sharing ;take care and enjoy your day.


    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Blossom : Thank you so much dear heart. You will never know what to expect from a punk like me. Love you, and you are as sweet as ,and angel precious heart. God Bless you, and may our dear God in Heaven always watch over you with his greatest of love forever.

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

      6 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Well, that was different! You have a great imagination.

    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Thanks for droping in diogenes. GBY

    • diogenes profile image


      6 years ago from UK and Mexico




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