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Dutch And Flowers, The Police Birds Down The Street.

Updated on September 7, 2013

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dutch , and Flowers were on a stake out. They have been watching a drug house for the longest. Eventually they plan to make a large arrest. This is boring to them. They have done this before , and many times.

"Gee, I would rather shoot bank robbers, wouldn't you Flowers ? "

" I would rather have sex with you, " said Flowers.

" I would much rather be in the throws of love than have to shoot more criminals." said Flowers.

" Your not getting soft on me are you doll," said Dutch.

" Why don't we just get it on right now, right here in the back seat of our cruiser. Our technology will record everything those fools would ever say before we knock their doors down," said Flowers.

" Yeah , I guess so. It is about time for me to get a little cracking done before supper," said Dutch.

" Must you be such a slob about making love," said Flowers.

" Did you get to read that rape hub that stars wrote in Hub Pages," said Dutch.

" Yeah, I sure did. And I hope it will help save lives," said Flowers.

" You better not ever rape me because if you do I will kick you so hard that your grand pappy would feel the agonizing pain I would give your crotch in his cemetery ," said Flowers.

" I have not done anything to you girl. Have you lost your marbles. Now every man in the country is going to hear trash like you used on me because of that no good punk writer named Stars . Stars is a real punk . That guy could spoil a wet dream , " said Dutch.

" No he is not. He is a wonderful brave human being looking out for all the innocent girls like me in America, and in the world, and your just jealous of him because he was a top cop , and a better one than you could ever dream of being . In fact you should fall to your knees and kiss his feet, " said Flowers.

" I never heard of such a crock of balony in my entire life. Why don't you go shack up with Stars and give him a taste of your goodies. I bet that punk would be just itching to get into your britches if that is the way you feel honey pie," said Dutch.

" Don't you ever think of nice remarks once in a while other than filth on your mind . Your brain is polutted like a soiled toilet ," said Flowers.

" When was the last time you ever brought me flowers, " said Flowers.

" Try never ! I never brought you those sickening things. You got me to make you happy , and chocolate bars so you don't need flowers because your name is Flowers honey pie ," said Dutch.

" Shut up, and lets get these punks arrested because I want some decent rest before I go to my beauty parlor tomorrow ," said Flowers.

" Yes Ma am, and lets go ring a door bell ," said Dutch.

Together they crashed the joint , and knocked the door down , and charged into the building where drug dealers fired at them , and were heavily armed. Dutch unloaded his 44 magnum bulldog revolver into five armed gunmen, and Flowers blasted seven dealers right out of theirs socks with double ought buck shot.

" Dang girl, you always kill more scum bags than I do," said Dutch.

They were backed up by nothing less than a force of cruisers and deputies, and by state police from the narcotics division. Dutch and Flowers smiled for camera shots when they made the cover page of the New York Times.

It was a terrible shame because there was so much bloodshed. In fact the local priest threw a little bit of Holy water in the drug house so that a decent family could now go and live there.

God Bless Everyone.


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