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Dyson AM01 Vs AM02 Vs AM03 Vs AM04 Vs AM05

Updated on September 6, 2014

This review account compares and analyses all of the current (2013) Dyson Air Multipliers; highlighting both their differences as well as their similarities within specifications and features -- ultimately determining their specific purposes (which is best suited for a particular task). Hence, clearing up any confusion that may exist within the models and from that hopefully aid you in deciding which model (or models) is (are) best suited to your needs and preferences.

However, we should firstly and brielfy point out what is so special about the Dyson Air Multipliers compared to that of regular 'fans' and 'heaters'.

There are several major points how the Dyson air multipliers differentiate themselves from that of standard fans/heaters -- just to cover the the most obvious point (with the rest naturally revealing themselves as you progress through the account) being that they are 'bladeless', this simple fact already offers several advantages to that of a bladed fan such as; the fact of 'safety' (there is no need for a grille to be placed as there are no blades to harm you with, offering protection for the accident prone and children), 'ease of cleaning' (as it has no blades, there are no awkward gaps and fiddly bits to clean in and out of -- just a simple ring), 'smooth air flow' (with bladed fans, you often get a chopped 'buffeting' air flow, which to say the least is more than irritating especially when at the desk trying to carry out important work etc.) not to mention it is also a great 'conversation starter'.

(Note: For a quick answer to their differences -- check the 'Summary Comparison Table' below)

Dyson Air Multiplier Summary Comparison Chart

Individual Cooling
Room Cooling
Pivot (Touch-Tilt)
Heater (Room)
Warranty (2 Years)
LED Display
Height - Adjusting
Remote Control (Dimmer Switch)
Cord Length
1.8 m
2.0 m
2.0 m
1.8 m
1.8 m
Auto-Heat Protection
Control Precision
Room Heating
Price (Variable)

Sir James Dyson explaining Dyson Fans and 'How it Works'


Dyson AM01 -- 'Table Fan'

This rather small modern and stylish air multiplier (comes in either 10 inch or 12 inch, available in blue and silver) is designed predominately for use on a desk (hence its name) therefore primarily being used in offices or bed-side cabinets for 'personal cooling'. As mentioned just above (and like all Dyson fans) the AM01 utilises uniquely Dyson patented Air Multiplier Technology meaning that it produces a 'smooth and constant air flow' by drawing up to 7.13 gallons of air per second and through the process of 'entrainment' amplifies the flow by up to 15 times (where the velocity of air flow can be controlled via a 'dimmer-switch' at the base).

The AM01 is also installed with a 'touch tilting' feature (at 10 degrees both sides) -- essentially the fan is able to 'pivot' on its stand, allowing the user to direct the air flow exactly where they want it to go. As the level of gravity is centralised there is no 'top-heaviness' (as well as the entire bladeless fan range) that other brands of fans exhibit, hence there is no need for it to be clamped down -- it is sturdy and staying put. Moreover, the desk/table fan is capable of an oscillation of 90 degrees (although the extent as to which it is carried can be controlled).

Dimensions (12 inch version): Height: 54.7cm by Width: 35.6 cm by Depth: 15.2 cm. Weight: 3.9 lbs.

Cord Length Measures 1.8 metres (silver/grey)

Note: account for a slight price and weight difference between the 10 inch and 12 inch version.

Dyson AM01 Review -- Customer Reviews & Opinions (Source: Amazon & Dyson)

4.2 Stars out of 5

Those who have bought the fan have given it very positive reviews attesting to its "beautiful design", quietness in operation and its actual job: providing a strong yet "gentle and comfortable breeze' as well as further reiterating the importance for those who have "curious grandchildren" or children with regards to its safety purposes (which as aforementioned features throughout the bladeless fan range). The only real negative that people drawn on is the issue of price (however we deal with that later on in the article on ways you can get the best price for the AM01). Make sure to check out the reviews, if you haven't already, to gain customer's personal insights and unique experience of the model to give you greater understanding as to whether this particular model is right for you.

Dyson AM02 -- 'Tower Fan'

The 'tower fan' (available in silver or iron/blue) is engineered for primary use of: entire 'room cooling' -- making it ideal for dining areas, living rooms, bedrooms etc. and is usually best being placed within the corner or edge of the room (according to 'given' reviews and experience from customers). As the AM02 is the largest (dimensions: height - 100.7 cm x width - 11 cm x depth -19 cm and base dimensions of 25 cm) of Dyson's air multiplier range -- you wouldn't be to surprised to find out that it also offers the 'strongest' overall air flow by drawing in a huge 9.51 gallons of air per second (inducement) and then expelling this air by 'amplifying' it as much as 14 times (entrainment).

With regards to control not only is it 'fully variable' and can be operated at the base with the 'dimmer switch' (displaying details via an LED display, again a feature maintained throughout the range) -- it comes with a remote control (that is magnetic so it can sit nicely at the top of the fan, keeping it all 'nice and neat') and hence its air flow can be altered from distance. Again, like that of the AM01, the AM02 is able to rotate (oscillate) on a 90 degrees template (which can again be controlled via the remote control or base).

Cord Length Measures 2.0 metres (silver/grey).

Weight: 3.3 lbs.

Dyson AM02 Review -- Customer Reviews & Opinions (Source: Amazon & Dyson)

4.1 Stars out of 5

Again, like that of the AM01, the AM02 is reviewed rather positively -- many of them praise its design and overall modern look and primarily are utilising them within the living room claiming how it is almost silent in operation (although as you obviously increase the velocity of air flow, the AM02 does get progressively louder) and does its actual job very well -- it keeps the entire room cool and refreshed. Moreover, many are surprised at how useful the remote control for the AM02 is also, especially those who suffer with mobility issues etc. as well as the fact that it is so simple to clean compared to standard bladed fans. The only real main issue wasn't with the actual product itself (all the reviews agreed that the fan was of a great standard and in all was a "premium and stylish product") but with the price tag being too high (when bought new), however we take a look at how to address such an issue in the 'Finding the best price' (for an AM02) section just below.

'AM01 Vs AM02' -- the difference between the AM01 and AM02 is obvious -- the former is addressed for 'personal cooling' purposes e.g. operates on a desk (offices, bed-side cabinets etc.) whereas the AM02 is intended for whole room cooling purposes (living-rooms, dining areas, bedrooms).

Dyson Pedestal Fan (AM03) Video Summary

Dyson AM03 -- 'Pedestal Fan'

The pedestal fan (available only in silver) like that of the tower fan is primarily used for "whole room cooling" however operates with the air multipler technology for a more focused airflow outlet (whereby it draws in 8.71 gallons of air per second but can then through entrainment amplify this airflow up to 18 times), hence being more suited for cooling down bedrooms -- by being silent yet effective in gradually bringing down temperatures in heated rooms whilst providing a cool and smooth (non-choppy) refreshing flow of air.

Again, similar to that of the AM02 it is controlled by a 'dimmer switch control' which can be operated either via the base or a (magnetic) remote control (for both the 'fully variable' air flow velocity and 90 degrees oscillation etc.). Moreover, the AM03 can be both tilted like that of the AM01 (20 degrees either way) and also have its height simply adjusted in order to direct the air flow to a point which is optimal for the user/s and room cooling.

Dimensions -- (when fully extended): Height -140.8 cm by Width: 45 cm by Depth: 18 cm with base dimensions of 28 cm. Weight: 4.3 lbs.

Cord Length Measures 2 metres (silver/grey).

Dyson AM03 Review -- Customer Review & Opinions (Source: Amazon & Dyson)

4.15 Stars out of 5

Like all the AIr Multipliers, the AM03 is no exception to the positive impressions it makes on its owners; many of the positive aspects are the "un-intrusive" and "beautiful looking" design it has -- along with how 'powerful' it actually is (a "real hurricane on max setting!") as well as being one of the quietest fans some have ever known. In sum, "Great style and performance". Although, yet again despite all the positives with regards to how 'good of a fan it is' -- the concerning factor was the price (as mentioned we can solve that later in the article however, Best Price for an AM03).

'AM01 Vs AM03' -- Again, like the 'AM01 Vs AM02' they are intended for two different purposes. The AM01 for 'personal cooling' uses whereas the AM03 (like the AM02) is for whole room cooling.

'AM02 Vs AM04' -- this is a tricky decision as both are primarily aimed for the same job (although if you are looking for a fan specifically for the living-room I believe the AM02 is your better option and likewise for the AM03 for the bedroom), further differences that you should consider are the following: firstly the price - you may be able to get one for considerably less than the other, second: do you prefer the look and design of the AM02 or the AM03 as well as the features (e.g. touch tilt, adjusted height etc.) and focused air flow of the AM03 -- are they best suited for your needs?

Dyson AM04 -- 'Fan + Heater'

The AM04 (hot + cool) is 'special' in the sense that it has a dual purpose -- it both acts as a 'fan' to cool you down (i.e for personal cooling) as well as a 'heater' to warm up your room (available in silver/white and blue/iron). To firstly describe the 'fan' aspect it is similar to an AM01 whereby it is intended for 'personal cooling' -- it operates by drawing in 5.29 gallons of air per second which it then amplifies by 6 times (hence as a personal fan it isn't as strong as the AM01). In many of the other aspects to the AM01 it is similar however, it works on a touch-tilt mechanism of 10 degrees either way and oscillates on a 70 degree basis as well as being rather similar in size.

With regards to being a 'heater' it is able to warm up an entire room quickly and efficiently (all evenly) through combining Dyson's air multiplier technology as well as its 'Hot' technology for long range heat projection. It also allows you to precisely control the target temperature you desire and acts with an intelligent thermometer to keep it constant (from a range of 1 degree to 37 degrees celsius). It operates with a 'built-in' safety mechanism so that if it were to ever fall over it automatically cuts out (i.e heating operation stops) and as there are no 'visible heated parts' a heating grille isn't needed. Moreover, it doesn't produce that 'burning smell' sensation (usually due to dust particles burning) due to the mechanics never exceeding that of 372 degrees Fahrenheit, that you often experience with other standard heaters. Both the 'fan' and 'heater' operations (i.e temperature air flow, oscillation) are all controlled via remote control as well as on its base with details being presented with an LED display.

The overall idea being that it personally cools you in summer (with office work/reading etc.) and then warms you up and the entire room during winter.

Dimensions: Height - 57.9 cm by Width: 15.3 cm by Depth: 20 cm with base dimensions of 28 cm. Weight: 5.0 lbs.

Cord Length Measures 1.8 Metres (silver/grey)

Dyson AM04 Review -- Customer Reviews & Opinions (Source: Amazon & Dyson)

3.8 Stars out of 5

Foremost, praise was given for its stylish and modern looking design -- as a heater the AM04 is highly regarded within customer reviews with frequent references to its performance in being able to quietly, quickly and efficiently heat up a room along with decent claims on being a 'money saver' (a particular individual quoted "central heating would cost approximately £3.00 per hour to run and the AM04 would cost 25 pence"). Moreover, particular emphasis was again given on the simple fact of a heater with a remote control being very useful for the elderly and those who suffer with mobility issues.

However, as a fan the reviews are somewhat more mixed, although some individuals gave it praise others found that it simply wasn't powerful enough -- the given airflow could barely be felt. Another issue was regarding the high price (however we address this issue in the 'finding the best price for the AM04section'). Be sure to check reviews specifically at the Dyson website as you will find that the Dyson team have responded and more often than not it turns out to be a particular fault of the Air multiplier (do this with any of the models you intend to purchase also).

'AM01 Vs AM04' -- simply put they both operate on the basis of 'personal cooling' (although the AM01 being by far the stronger fan), however the AM04 differentiates itself on the basis that it also operates as a whole room heater. Therefore, ultimately coming down to what you need -- for instance if in summer it gets hot and winter it gets cold, the AM04 probably will provide you with the best overall value but if you are instead at your work desk on a regular basis and it often gets warm and stuffy the AM01 is obviously your model.

'AM02 Vs AM04' -- the AM02 is intended for whole room cooling, the AM04 is designed for personal cooling as well as whole room heating, again it is dependent on what are your 'needs' and which can offer you the best value.

'AM03 Vs AM04' -- the same argument applies here as with the AM02 Vs AM04 discussion.


Dyson AM05 'Fan + Heater'

The AM05 (available in Nickel, Black and Iron/Blue) is effectively an upgrade to that of the AM04 -- primarily in the sense that it has addressed customer concerns of the AM04 being a somewhat inadequate fan (although more than sufficient heater). It acts to draw up 6 gallons of air per second and then to amplify the airflow by up to seven times for personal cooling. Moreover, it encompasses the touch-tilt mechanism as well as an improved 80 degrees oscillation -- all being able to be operated (dimmer switch control) via remote control and at the base panel with system details being presented via the improved LED display.

With regards to operating as a heater it uses the PTC ceramic heater (and intelligent thermostat -- with precise heating control) in conjunction with the Air Multiplier technology to warm up an entire room evenly (which Dyson claim the AM05 to do the fastest out of any heater on the market) within the same 1 degree to 37 degree celsius range. Again, like the AM04 it incorporates the automatic 'cut off' features when tipped over as wel ;as not exhibiting the 'burning smell' that is common with other competing heater brands. Moreover, as it doesn't need a heating grille/blades it makes cleaning the AM05 (relative to other heaters/fans) incredibly easy.

Dimensions (same as the AM04): Dimensions: Height - 57.9 cm by Width: 15.3 cm by Depth: 20 cm with base dimensions of 28 cm. Weight: 5.2 lbs.

Cord Length Measures 1.8 Metres (silver/grey).

Dyson AM05 Review -- Customer Reviews & Opinions (Source: Amazon & Dyson)

4.3 Stars out of 5

Although the AM05 doesn't actually have that many reviews (due to it only being recently released, early-mid 2013) -- the ones that it does have are actually very positive with many customers being "seriously pleased" stating that not only does it look stylish and futuristic, it also has also been engineered to function incredibly well -- both as a personal fan and 'room heater'. Moreover, you will often find there is a trend within reviews stating how much a month is being 'saved' by buying the AM05 in comparison to their central heating system (e.g. one individual claims to be saving $300 a month, almost the price of the entire AM05 within a month, certainly a worthy investment) as well as being pleasantly surprised at just how fast a room gets heated up. Be sure to check the reviews, if you haven't already, for valuable personal insight and experience on the AM05. Again, like all of the air multipliers before it is not the product that is concern but its high price (although many state the AM05 in particular to be worth "every cent", especially with the money saved in terms of heating).

What's the difference between the AM04 and AM05?

The major difference comes in the fact that it is simply a 'better' personal fan due to the strengthened air-flow and from this it can heat a room even faster than the AM04 can (and to a larger range). Smaller differences include the improved oscillation of the two (with the AM05 being able to rotate by an extra ten degrees) and being available in more colour combinations. However, they are still very similar in many aspects such as being the same size and cord length, both feature a remote control, LED display as well as the automatic safety features and touch-tilt mechanism.

AM04 Vs AM05 -- ultimately which one you buy (as they are obviously intended for the same purposes) depends on how much you value the 'improvements' the AM05 has made on the AM04 and does this translate into their respective price tags. It should be noted it appears that Dyson plan to ultimately phase out the AM04 with the AM05.


Are Dyson Air Multipliers 'Worth it'?

The Dyson Air Multiplier (aka. Bladeless fan) range are often portrayed as being wonderful sexy and well functioning devices however are overpriced -- although people who claim it is overpriced usually are people who haven't actually ever 'bought' the product (or have owned one for a given period) -- if you check the reviews of people who have, they often more than not claim the product to be a worthwhile investment. Below is just a brief reminder why they are so appealing compared to your ordinary standard fan/heater and in all are worth it (and at the very least why they are worth you trying out for at least a trial period and if not you can simply return them).

  • They are beautifully and elegantly designed -- this is many people's first impression of the fans, they add a certain 'cool' and 'stylish' facto' (perfect for those who have modern clean looking rooms) and at the least they certainly don't ugly up the room like many standard fans and heaters do.
  • They are more than likely the 'safest' fans you can buy -- having no blades (and automatic cut out feature for the heaters) obviously poses absolutely no threat to children/adult unlike that of a 'bladed' fan which can of course be dangerous for obvious reasons.
  • Incredibly easy to clean -- all that is needed is a cloth to wipe the inner and outer frame as well as the base and you are done. With a standard bladed fan because of the protection case and blades you may be cleaning it for more than a good half hour.
  • Remote Access -- for those who have mobility issues having a remote controller to control your fan/heater can be a small blessing (the AM01 doesn't come with a remote). On top of this the precise control that is on offer means you can get the exact air flow and level of coolness you desire.
  • Durable -- like all Dyson products the Air multipliers are built to last (and have undergone serious testing to ensure they stand the test of time -- you can check out Dyson's testing videos through their website) and further backed by a warranty of 2 years for parts and labour when bought new.
  • Produce a smooth constant air flow -- whereas with many of the other standard fans due to being bladed -- they chop up the air making it buffeted and discomforting (I find especially on the eyes, obviously making it difficult to work or even just relax)
  • Quiet in operation -- a common question that is asked of Dyson fans is 'Are they quiet?' and the simple answer is 'Yes', particularly in the lower settings were the air multipliers are practically silent and even when you hit the max it is no louder than that of many standard fans only operating at half capacity. Some Dyson fan reviews sate that they are 'noisy', however what those customers tend to find is there a mechanical fault which Dyson will fix free for you or replace (within warranty).
  • 'They Save You Money' -- an often overlooked aspect is that in the long-run the air multipliers could actually save you money (and almost pay for themselves) for instance with the AM02 -- Dyson claim that if you use it conjunction with air conditioning you can lower energy bills by 20% (check other reviews also for claims of 'saving cash' as well as the AM04 and AM05 for heating costs)

Where can I find the 'Best Price' for a Dyson air multiplier?

With regards to where you can find the best price for the AM01, AM02, AM03, AM04 and AM05 -- I believe that you have three main options to consider.

The first being that you search eBay (see the right) and check if they are being listed new or as unwanted presents and gifts -- even if they are 'used' these fans are built to last so that is certainly worth considering too (therefore you're getting a decent discount/reduction for the simple fact that they are second hand).

The second would be to check Amazon and whether they are holding discounts either through themselves or via third parties that are selling them either new or used.

The third option would be to be remain on Amazon and search to see if there exists any refurbished Dyson air multipliers -- these are just previously broke fans that have been fixed professionally hence they often come at huge knocked down prices.

A potential fourth option would be to check the actual manufacturer's website i.e Dyson and see if they are again themselves selling any remanufactured air multipliers and checking that they are holding any special deals, offers, coupons e.g. for a limited time offering 10% off all air multipliers.


Conclusion: "Which Dyson Air Multiplier/s is (are) best for me? Which should I buy?"

Ultimately, which one (or ones) you should buy are down to what you 'need' it for. For instance, if you are looking for a fan to keep you cool whilst you are working in an office type environment, then you should probably look to a AM01 or AM04/AM05 and decide between them on the basis of how cold does the office get at winter time etc. If it does (if it doesn't -- it is probably wise to invest in an AM01), then opt for the 'Fan + Heater' to decide between the AM04 and AM05 you can base it on how much you value the improvements that have been made to the AM05 relative to the AM04 and whether it is worth the difference in price (note: in general I believe it is).

Moreover, you may also want a blade-less fan to cool down your living room area in which case the AM02 and AM03 are the better suited fans -- deciding between them you can again consider features, design and the price etc. Which fan (+ heater) ultimately depends on what you are after as well as the difference in price amongst the models as they vary when shopping through different outlets e.g. Amazon, Dyson, eBay.

If you have any questions, concerns, general remarks either regarding the article or about the AM01, AM02, AM03, AM04 or AM05 individually (on specifications and features) then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Which Dyson Air Multiplier will/would you buy?

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