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Dyson Animal - Review of DC41 Vacuum

Updated on June 15, 2012
Carpeted hallway (15 ft) plus bare kitchen, dining and bathroom floors
Carpeted hallway (15 ft) plus bare kitchen, dining and bathroom floors
Guest Bedroom
Guest Bedroom
Trash from JUST the living room
Trash from JUST the living room
Living room first pass
Living room first pass
Trash after whole house
Trash after whole house
Upstairs - 2 bare wood rooms, bare wood hallway, lino bathroom and one carpeted room
Upstairs - 2 bare wood rooms, bare wood hallway, lino bathroom and one carpeted room

He Was Right

I pride myself on being different from the pack. I go out of my way to not purchase things that everyone else has. Once, when I was younger, I drove a common car. I remember driving around and seeing so many people with the same car, so I vowed to drive different cars. So when the Man of the family suggested we should get a Dyson Vacuum cleaner I was resistant. Yes, it is different, but seemingly everyone around me has one. And of course they all love theirs. Two years ago I researched vacuums online rather thoroughly. I ended up with what I thought was a good vacuum, lots of good reviews, all metal commercial construction and so on.

But about every third time I used it the belt broke. And it wasn't easy to replace. So I went on the hunt again. Said Man insisted that we go to a major department store where they had demonstrations. Well, the salesman was rather hilarious. He didn't know much about how the Dyson worked, even though he said he had two of them. I was seriously worried about how easy or hard it was to use the attachments. My stairs have not been vacuumed in a while, and I wanted to correct that. The Dyson Animal attachments simply pull out the top of the upright handle and voila, it is a hose. When the vacuum is in full upright position, the very top of the upright has suction. The salesman thought it was broken, but we figured out that putting the vacuum in upright position triggers the hose mechanism.

We told the salesman we needed to think and left. By then most of my concerns about buying a $500-600 vacuum cleaner had been eliminated. Yes, it is a lot of money to pay for a vacuum, but we had new carpet installed last year and we love the look and feel and cleanliness of the carpet. We went to another store because I had a coupon for 15% off. The vacuum was on sale there, and I could use my coupon. The frugal side of me was very excited to not have to pay over $500 for a Dyson Animal. I feel like we got a really good deal. Email me here if you wand specific details.

Once I got the Dyson home, it was a matter of minutes before it was fully assembled. Seriously, I am the one who ends up putting everything together from entertainment centers to kids toys because I can somehow follow those crazy directions. The Dyson Animal had none of that ! I snapped on the head, put in the canister and pushed the button to insert the hose. One of my concerns was using a canister vacuum with my allergies. Would it be a mess to empty? Would it affect my allergies and asthma? The canister on this vacuum proved to be most easy to use, although there was a brief moment I had to reach in to get ALL the clump dog hair out.

I started vacuuming in the living room. I should mention that I am pretty much a clean freak. I vacuum often. We only have one dog, but he has medium to long hair so we chose the Dyson Animal model. The house has no other indoor pets (goats and chickens stay outside!) or kids. By the end of the living room I was a Dyson convert. Just look at the pictures to see what I mean! I emptied the canister and took a picture for each room downstairs (Living room, hallway/kitchen/bath, guest bedroom and master bedroom). I did the entire upstairs which is mostly wood floors and one long skinny carpet. By the time I was done with our 3000 square foot house, I had over half a trash can full of dog hair, dust, and other vacuuming debris.

The only bad part was that I had to admit that He was right. To everyone. The good part is I'm pretty sure this Animal is going to help my dog allergy :).


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    • TheRightWord profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Sunny California

      Sadly, after about 3 years, the Dyson was done! Luckily, I am almost done with carpet, except in the bedroom. I have purchased a less expensive vacuum to get by for now!

    • TheRightWord profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Sunny California

      Thank you. I hope it doesn't break, that would be a bummer. Kind of like going from a luxury car to a econobox...

    • sadie423 profile image


      6 years ago from North Carolina

      We had a Dyson. Then it broke and I miss it. I can't afford another right now but hopefully in the future. Good review!

    • TheRightWord profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Sunny California

      Thanks. It only really took one room to convince me. Ugh, the dirt and on a pretty new carpet too!

    • Marie McCourt profile image

      Marie McCourt 

      6 years ago from Western, MA

      Great review, and sense of humor! I love my Dyson, and I'm a lot like you - resistant to being a "sheeple"! Rock on!


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