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Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner Review

Updated on October 23, 2015

Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner Review

New Dyson Vacuum Cleaner!

New Dyson Vacuum Cleaner!
New Dyson Vacuum Cleaner! | Source

What Is A Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner?

The Dyson Animal Vacuum cleaner is engineered for outstanding cleaning performance and ease of use.

It has the strongest suction at the cleaner head, which automatically self-adjusts for different carpet lengths and hard floors.

The Animal has Dyson’s latest Radial Root Cyclone technology, and Ball technology for smooth steering. There’s also a Mini turbine head for pet hair.

Dyson's are known for never losing their suction, even after years, as long as they are maintained.

Dyson Vacuum's are great at picking up smaller particles (like dust and pet dander) that other vacuums leave behind. They are the most recommended vacuums for allergy sufferers.

Dyson Vacuum

Dyson Vacuum
Dyson Vacuum | Source

Types of Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaners

I own both the upright Dyson Animal Vacuum and the Handheld Dyson Animal Vacuum. I have never had a better vacuum cleaner than I do now.

The upright Dyson Animal Vacuum needs to be plugged into a wall to work. The cord is very long.

The upright version comes with handy little tools that connect to the hose to make cleaning furniture and tight corners easy. The Dyson Animal is bagless.

After each use, I need to empty the dust and dirt into the garbage. It only takes a push of a button to get all of the dirt out of the vacuum cleaner. Dyson is known for never losing suction.

You could own this vacuum for years without it losing suction as long as you clean the filter regularly. This vacuum has a ball which helps to maneuver the vacuum around tricky corners.

The handheld Dyson Animal Vacuum is light weight and powerful. You need to recharge it between vacuum sessions for about an hour or so.

Each time I use my handheld Dyson Animal, I put it on Turbo power and it can clean 3 flights of stairs and under 3 beds before it runs out of battery power.

The handheld version also has a bagless debris tank which can be removed and with a push of a button you can empty the dirt into the garbage.

What Do I Think Of The Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner?

If you have allergies, this is the Dyson Animal is the vacuum cleaner for you! My children and I have severe allergies and we own a dog and a cat.

We vacuum often with our Dyson Animals and it makes life livable. It gets rid of tons of dirt, dust and pet dander that we would otherwise be breathing in.

Even my Allergist and ENT recommended the Dyson Animal for my family and my allergies. It picks up more pet dander than any other vacuum out there!

I love the ease of use. The ball makes it easy to maneuver. The tools don't take up much room and are easy to connect and disconnect. The dirt tank is easy to remove and empty. It is lightweight compared to other vacuums.

I also love the fact that I never have to buy vacuum bags. This has saved us tons of time and money. I don't have to search for vacuum bags, spend money on them or store them.

Over time, if you keep your Dyson Animal for several years, you may break-even on the cost of it compared to a cheaper vacuum that needs a bag.

No longer do we have to guess if our vacuum bag is full because we can see through the clear dirt tank to see if we need to empty it.

The only con would be the price. It is more expensive than other vacuums on the market, but you get what you pay for.

If you are a Costco member, you could snag a great deal on the Dyson Animal Vacuum cleaner. Our Costco comes out with a $150 off coupon for the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner once or twice a year.

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