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Dyson Car Cleaning Kit - An Honest Review

Updated on June 14, 2011

Is the Dyson Car Cleaning Kit Value for Money?

When making a decision whether to buy a Dyson Car Cleaning Kit a few months ago, I was surprised to see such mixed reviews on this product. It seemed to have the marmite syndrome - you either love it or you hate it!

Anyway, I bit the bullet, and bought it regardless of having read several negative reviews.

Here is my honest review of the Dyson Car Kit.

Dyson Car Cleaning Kit
Dyson Car Cleaning Kit

What Do We get?

The name and price of the product indicates a full blown car cleaning kit, but this is not actually the case.

You need to be the owner of a Dyson cleaner to be able to use the car cleaning kit - the kit in reality only consists of three attachments that must be used along with your Dyson.

The attachments are not compatible with every Dyson model, the models it won't fit are the DC01, DC02, DC03, DC16, DC18.

About My Dyson DC14

I have owned my Dyson DC14 for about 6 months now, and as the servant belonging to 3 dogs and 5 cats,  I am very pleased with it's performance. It is the best vacuum cleaner I have owned, and even after 6 months it is still a pleasure to use it.

My problem is my van - although the back section is mainly closed and I put my big dogs there when we go on our daily walks, the smaller dogs sit on the passenger seat. Apart from my own 3 dogs I am also the daily walker to a friend's 3 dogs.

Apart from the considerable amount of hair they shed, the big dog's hair and dirt also seems to make it's way through to the front of the vehicle.

Getting into a dirty car really began to get on my nerves - I could never offer a ride to friends as they always ended up leaving the van looking like they had slept in a bed with an old English Sheepdog.

Even though I thought the 63 euros I paid for the kit was rather on the steep side, I bought the Dyson Car Cleaner simply because I was so happy with my Dyson, I was sure the car cleaner would be just as good, or even if it was not quite so good, it would still be worth the money.

The kit consists of the Car Turbine Head, the Flexi Crevice tool and the Stubborn Dirt Brush.

Each piece is supposed to be able to deal with different types of muck that has a nasty habit of gathering in your car.

The Car Turbine Head is the piece that interested me as it is said by Dyson to be a "Compact tool with rotating brush - ideal for improved pick-up of pet hair and fibres from upholstery."

I found that although the Turbine Head is great for picking up bits of gravel and crumbs, it is not so hot at picking up pet hair. You have to press fairly hard to get the hair up, but it if you put too much pressure on, it stops working.

However, I think with my amount of dogs, the pet hair problem is more severe than can be considered normal, and most people would be happy with the results.

the Flexi Crevice Tool according to Dyson "Extends and flexes into gaps where normal tools won't go, like awkward gaps, between seats, or door pockets."

I agree with that totally. The crevice tool really does fit into every nook and cranny, cleaning parts that a normal vacuum car cleaner would never be able to reach.

And the Stubborn Dirt Brush? Dyson states "With stiff bristles to loosen dried-in and stubborn dirt, like mud or food - great for footwells or in the boot."

The stubborn dirt brush is good for mud or other stuck on grime, but be prepared to add a little bit of elbow grease on the more stubborn patches.

Using an old sheet is a big help against the dog hair battle!
Using an old sheet is a big help against the dog hair battle!

My Summary of the Dyson Car Cleaning Kit

All in all, I recommend the car cleaning kit from Dyson, for those lucky ones whose cars are not filled with muddy dogs or being used as a dining hall.

The car cleaning kit does a decent job, but does struggle with more difficult dirt, and the price is maybe a little high for the results. However I would recommend this kit as being superior to other car cleaning kits that I have tried.


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