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Dyson Vacuum DC31 Reviews

Updated on September 19, 2012
Dyson DC31
Dyson DC31 | Source

I received a Dyson DC31 handheld vacuum for Christmas, and I must say it is the best Christmas present I have ever received! I use my Dyson just about every day. It is definitely the most-used cleaning tool in my home.

I had never used a Dyson before receiving the DC31 as a gift...but now I am hooked on Dyson! The quality and power of this vacuum is amazing, and the maintenance needs are so low. We have a toddler, a large dog, and two cats in our family, and I am finding new uses for the Dyson everyday to make cleanup easier. And what is easier than grabbing a battery-powered vacuum from the closet?

Using a Dyson

If you have never used a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you will be amazed by the pure power of a Dyson. I used to dread trying to clean dog and cat hair from my furniture. Even with the upholstery attachment on my standard upright vacuum, I could never remove all the hair. My Dyson DC31 removes the hair quickly and easily. I could not believe how quickly the Dyson was able to clean my furniture.

Have you seen the Dyson commercials that highlight the Dyson's suction technology? The commercials claim that the Dyson does not lose suction like a standard vacuum cleaner. I must's true! The filters on my standard upright vacuum are in constant need of cleaning. The vacuum's suction power is directly related to how much dirt is on the filters. My Dyson DC31, however, has one small filter that requires a monthly rinse. And it does not lose power when the battery is low - it stays strong throughout the battery life.

How I Use My Dyson DC31

I use my Dyson DC31 all over the house, just about every day. I keep it handy in the hall closet so I can grab it, use it, and put it away quickly.

The handheld Dyson makes easy work of all these chores in my home:

  • Vacuuming under couch cushions
  • Cleaning up dry spills
  • Removing pet hair from couch cushions
  • Cleaning drapes
  • Vacuuming carpeted stairs
  • Vacuuming in tight spaces
  • Vacuuming the car interior

I continue to find new uses for my Dyson DC31 every day!

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Accessories and Battery Life

The Dyson DC31 comes with three attachments that cover all your vacuuming needs - a brush tool that converts to a standard non-brush tool, a crevice tool, and a spinning brush bar tool. I use the brush bar the most. The tools easily snap on the vacuum, and then snap off the vacuum with the simple push of a button. It truly is a one-hand job. The tools do not attach to the vacuum in any way when not in use.

The battery life of the Dyson is about 10 minutes of vacuum time. This seemed low to me at first, but has not been a problem. When you think about how many actual seconds a handheld vacuum is running when you use it, 10 minutes is a long time. When a charge is required, it takes about three hours to fully charge the battery. You can plug in the entire vacuum, or remove the battery for charging.

Dyson DC31 Maintenance

As with any Dyson vacuum, maintenance on the DC31 is minimal. This vacuum stays fairly clean due to the easy-to-dump canister. My standard upright vacuum is constantly dirty and dusty from removing and replacing the canister and filters. The Dyson DC31 has a simple lever that releases the bottom of the collection canister for easy emptying. The only piece of this vacuum that requires cleaning is the one filter. Dyson recommends removing and rinsing the filter once a month - it's so simple!


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    • JPaint profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Midwest

      I've had mine for almost two years, and the battery hasn't given me any problems.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Don't buy the Dyson handhelds. They are great for a while then the battery goes and you will have many trouble. Go corded


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