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Dyson DC41 Multi-Floor Vs DC41 Animal Vs DC41 Animal Complete

Updated on July 29, 2014

If you are unsure or confused as to the difference between all the DC41 versions i.e that of the Multi-floor, Animal and Animal complete then you are in the right place. Below, we will soon get it all cleared up as to exactly what you are getting with each version relative to the others as well as comparing and contrasting their particular features and specifications as to decide which offers you the best value relative to its price tag.

Firstly, however we should establish who exactly the Dyson DC41 upright vacuum cleaner is aimed at. The DC41 is a rather large vacuum in size, practicalities and power, therefore it is primarily targeted for those who have a standard/large sized home and are looking for something that can get the job done quickly and efficiently -- the Dyson DC41 certainly ticks these boxes and more (be sure to check out the shining DC41 customer reviews for further confirmation and personal insight/experience).

(Note: for a quick summary of the differences between the versions of the DC41 -- check the summary comparison table below)

Update: Dyson have released their new Dyson DC65 vacuum cleaner, basically an upgraded version of the DC65, see how the DC41 and DC65 compare with one another.

Summary of the differences in Accessories between the Versions

DC41 Multi-floor
DC41 Animal
DC41 Animal Complete
Combination Tool.
Combination Tool.
Combination Tool.
Stair Tool.
Stair Tool.
Stair Tool.
Tangle-Free Turbine Tool.
Tangle-Free Turbine Tool.
Stiff Bristle Brush Tool.
Soft Dusting Brush Tool.
Multi-Angle Brush
Zorb Powder

What's the 'same' between all the versions?

The important point to establish is that the actual specifications and performance of the DC41 multi-floor, the DC41 animal and DC41 animal complete are all the same. This means the actual 'body ' i.e the vacuum cleaner remains identical, therefore all the 'following specifications & features' (listed below) are standardised across all versions of the DC41. (Skip the section below if you know about the specifications and features etc. and head for 'What's the difference between them?')


The Dyson DC41 Model Specifications & Features

The Cyclone Technology: Radial Cyclone Technology -- is an advanced and uniquely Dyson patented technology that basically allows for the DC41 to generate high centrifugal forces within the vacuum -- allowing it to pick up microscopic dust and dirt particles as well as not suffering with loss of suction (i.e as the vacuum sucks up more dirt etc. it still has a constant suction level, a problem that is exhibited many other 'non-Dyson' vacuum cleaners)

The Cleaning Power: 255 Air Watts -- such power makes the DC41 currently one of the most powerful upright vacuum cleaners that the market has to offer (within tandem of the radial root cyclone technology), therefore certainly possessing more than enough power to do a good thorough clean around the standard home.

Mobility: Dyson Ball Technology, Weight: 7.8 kg -- as the DC41 operates on a 'Dyson ball" (see video below for action) as well as weighing considerably less than most other full-size upright vacuum cleaners -- this makes the DC41 incredibly easy to use and manoeuvre. So much so, it has led to the official recommendation of the United Kingdom College of Chiropractors in its potential to help prevent 'musculoskeletal discomfort' whilst vacuuming.

Practicality Factor: Reach: 14 m, Cord: 9.4 m, Bin Size: 2.1 L -- as can be seen this vacuum offers you a maximum reach of just under 24 metres, obviously given you an incredible cleaning range and element of freedom of a'limited' wiring restriction. Moreover, such a large bin size frees you more often of the 'mid-way vacuum bin emptying' chore.

Vacuum Head: Finger Tip, Self-Adjusting (13.3 inch wide) -- the DC41's cleaner head adapts to hard and soft flooring, with a simple flick of a button near the DC41 handle (saving you from bending down to adjust the head) -- the head either raises (for soft flooring) or lowers (for hard flooring) this allows for optimal contact and reduces the air flow that escapes, meaning maximum 'suck up' of dirt, dust, pet hairs etc. for the vacuum.

Stair Cleaning: Equipped with the 'Dyson Stair Tool' and "Quick Draw telescope wand -- the stair tool is a fixed wide nozzle based device that just attaches on the end of the DC41's telescope, allowing for easier access and cleaning.

Storage: Dimensions: Height - 1071 x Width - 394 x Depth - 340 mm -- as can be seen the DC41 relative to many other standard full-sized upright vacuum cleaners is pretty compact and hence is advantageous for those who are keen to save on or have a lack of storage space.

Allergens & Dust : Certified, Lifetime HEPA washable filter -- the DC41 through the filter prevents and captures allergens and dust particles from being expelled into the air (which is an issue that some other competing vacuum cleaners exhibit), therefore is safe for those who are either asthmatic or are allergy sufferers.


Waste System: One release press mechanism, transparent -- like all Dyson vacuum cleaners the DC41's bin operates on a simple one press and release mechanism and is bag-less, hence doesn't (like other vacuums) need the frequent cost of its bag being replaced. Moreover, due to the transparency (see through) of the bin, you know exactly when it needs to be released, rather than having to keep checking it, like you do with vacuums that operate on a bag mechanism.

Floor Type: All floors -- the DC41 (like all Dyson vacuum cleaners) is specifically built to function on all surfaces from hard floors e.g. wood to that of soft floors e.g. carpets. Specifically the DC41 as mentioned with the self-adjusting vacuum cleaning head appropriates specific mechanisms to optimise cleaning in a safe (e.g. retracts stiff nylon bristles for hard surfaces as not to damage/scratch them) and effective manner.

Pet Hair: When the Animal or Animal Complete version is bought. Provided with the Tangle-free turbine tool (more details in the sections below).

Warranty: 5 Years -- when purchased new any version of the Dyson DC41 is backed for a full five year guarantee which includes both its parts as well as labour.

Dyson DC41 Video Summary

What's the difference between them?

The only actual difference between all the versions of the DC41 -- comes with the accessories that are accompanied with the purchase (as you will find out in more detail through the following sections below -- Dyson DC41 Multi-floor, Dyson DC41 Animal and Dyson DC41 Animal Complete) -- this is due to it being aimed at individuals with varying needs. For instance, those who live in a pet-free house don't really require the DC41 Animal version as they have no need for the extra attachments that specialise in the suck up of pet hair.

The only other minor difference being them is the colour of the DC41 -- traditionally the multi-floor version is yellow (however in this case dark pink/red), animal version (is purple) and animal complete version is pink. You may also come across a DC41 Animal Limited Edition, again there is no difference in performance or features etc. and accessories only that it comes in a different colour to the usual Dyson vacuum cleaners that have been stated just above e.g. in green or silver, however as stated by the name given, there are only a limited quantity available and pretty rare.

Dyson DC41 Multi-Floor

The DC41 multi-floor is the standard (basic) version (usually in light pink or yellow/red), that essentially comes as the vacuum itself with the following accessories:

  • The Combination Tool: this is a device that has two primary functions; one is as a crevice tool that allows you to vacuum and clean in awkward gaps and small spaces -- the other is as a powered dusting tool (which you can use simply by sliding down the 'brush fitting' on the tool)
  • The Stair Tool: as mentioned above, this is a tool that allows for the removal of dirt, dust and debris etc. from tight angles and vertical edges upon stairs -- that simply attaches to the end of your DC41's telescope or wand.

Dyson DC41 Animal

The 'Animal' version of the DC41 (usually comes purple) is 'one' step up from the multi-floor version as it also comes with the both the combination tool and stair tool (described just above) as well as the special pet hair attachment: the tangle-free turbine tool (explained in more detail in the section just below), which is basically an advanced pet hair suck-up tool.

So far the difference between the DC41 multi-floor vs DC41 animal -- is that the DC41 animal also comes with the pet hair tool and is therefore slightly more expensive than the multi-floor (however not as expensive as the purchasing the DC41 multi-floor then the tangle-free turbine tool separately). Therefore, those who don't have a pet hair problem don't need to spend the extra cash to get the animal version -- all they really need is the DC41 multi-floor.

Dyson DC41 Animal Complete

This version can essentially be considered the 'premium' version -- there are no editions (as of yet) that surpass the DC41 Animal complete as it essentially incorporates everything that the DC41 Animal does i.e the combination tool, the stair tool, the tangle-free turbine tool as well as the additional following accessories:

  • The Stiff Bristle Brush: used for particularly tough 'dug-in' dirt and stains within soft and hard flooring.
  • The Soft Dusting Brush: used for cleaning particularly fragile surfaces and areas e.g. keyboards and ornaments etc.
  • The Multi-Angle Brush: used for the difficult to get to areas that feature in and around your house e.g. shelving, the tops of book cases etc.
  • Zorb Powder: is used for dirt stains within rugs/carpets, leave on for 30 minutes and then simply vacuum it up with your DC41.

What is the 'Tangle Free Turbine Tool'?

Available with the just DC41 Animal and the DC41 animal complete (not the DC41 multi-foor).

This is the latest attachment designed by Dyson specifically maximising the suck-up of pet hair and is found to be extremely popular amongst users (receiving an average of 4.5 + stars out of 5 from over a 100 reviews) and for a very good reason.

The device allows for the efficient use of picking up hair without them getting stuck within the mechanics; this is because the device utilises two elliptical counter rotating heads when removing pet hair from furniture and flooring and therefore are deposited straight into the DC41's bin. This being the only device that works in such a way as so it doesn't get tangled (which when occurs leads to the device to slow down and eventually stop working/break until removed by hand). Check out the video below to see it in action.

Buying DC41 Accessories Seperately

Of course the 'additional' accessories that come with the Animal Complete in contrast to the DC41 Animal can actually be bought separately, so if you like the look of one of the tools, however not the entire bunch, you can get hold of it and likewise for the DC41 multi-floor. Amazon is your best bet in trying to get them at the best price.

Where can I get the 'Best Price' for a DC41?

When looking for the best price for the actual DC41, I believe you mainly have three options with the first being to check eBay if anyone is listing them new or as unwanted gifts etc. (you will often get vacuum cleaners of brand new quality but at knocked down prices for the simple fact they are second hand, check out fat as well to profit from sellers' typos) see right.

Second, is to head over to and check out the discounts that are being held by themselves and third parties.

The third option is to remain on Amazon and check if there are any remanufactured or refurbished Dyson DC41 models available (just type 'refurbished DC41' into the search bar) -- there often are (being held usually by 3rd parties) and come with huge knocked down prices for being both second hand and previously broke.

A potential fourth option is to head over directly to the Dyson website and see if they are either also selling a remanufactured DC41 Animal etc. or if they are holding special offers, coupons and discounts e.g. $100 off of selected Dyson vacuums for a specified period.


Additional 'accessories' for your Dyson DC41

In addition to the accessories already mentioned that come with the differing versions of the DC41 -- you can also purchase additional accessories and attachments that further improve the cleaning multi-functionality of your vacuum cleaner either individually or through bundle kits e.g. Dyson pet clean-up accessory kit (I usually advise the latter based on the fact you benefit through a discount of purchasing multiple items together). Certainly worth checking out, especially the Dyson Groom for those who have pets.

Conclusion: "Which version should I buy?"

Which version you buy mainly depends on the varying price of all the versions -- where generally speaking the DC41 multi-floor is the cheapest, then the DC41 animal and then the DC41 animal complete -- if this is the case you simply need to weigh up what accessories you need (if any), what the prices of the accessories are, what attachments you get with certain versions of the vacuum cleaner and then make up your mind as to which provides you with the greatest value relative to its price tag.

For instance (a rather extreme example), you may only need the DC41 multi-floor (i.e don't have any pet hair problems) however like the look of the Dyson soft dusting brush and multi-angle brush but if this comes in at a total of $570.00, but you know that you can get hold of a Dyson Animal Complete for $570 as well -- it is obvious that you should go with the latter as you get everything you want, plus the addition of a tangle free turbine tool, stiff-bristle brush, Zorb powder etc. due to the varying nature of prices attached to each item. Another example being you want the DC41 Animal Complete and all the accessories that come with it however it is worth investigating the possibility that it could be cheaper to buy the DC41 multi-floor and to purchase all the attachments individually.

If you have any questions, concerns or just a general remark regarding the article or any of the versions of the DC41 then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section below and I will be sure to respond to you as soon as I possibly can. You might want to also consider a cheaper vacuum, perhaps a Shark Rotator? See how Shark versus Dyson compare.

Which Dyson DC41 Version will/would you buy?

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