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Dyson DC65 Vs Animal Vs Animal Complete

Updated on February 7, 2015

Comparison of the DC65 Multi floor, DC65 Animal & DC65 Animal Complete

DC65 Multi Floor
DC65 Animal
DC65 Animal Complete
Combination Tool
Stair Tool
Tangle Free Turbine Tool
Dyson Soft Brush Tool
Stiff Bristle Brush
Multi Angle Brush
Zorb Powder
Tool Bag
Average Price
What's the difference between the Dyson DC65 multi floor, DC65 Animal and DC65 Animal Complete?

Multi Floor, Animal & Animal Complete Comparison

Are you wanting to get hold of a Dyson DC65, however are a little unsure over the different versions of the DC65 and how they all compare with one another? Well this comparison guide will be able to help you out through specifically explaining how each of the Dyson DC65 multi floor, animal and animal complete differentiates from one another.

Firstly, the most obvious difference between them all is their color. The DC65 multi floor is silver, the DC65 animal is purple and the DC65 animal complete is like a pink fuschia. This and what accessories come with the DC65 is all that is different between them. They are essentially the exact same vacuum cleaner, that offers the same ultra powerful suction performance (where it is rated as 'the' best upright around), weighs the same and so on. You can see the exact specifications of the DC65 in a past comparison guide: Dyson DC41 against the DC65.

All you have to be concerned about when choosing between the DC65 versions is the comparison table of the 'accessories' (just on the right) i.e what comes with the Dyson DC65 as well at their respective prices.

Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Vacuum

So as we can see form the table below, the Dyson DC65 multi floor comes with just the standard set of Dyson accessories: the combination tool as well as the stair tool.

  • Combination Tool - this is basically your multi functional versatile cleaning tool, it is a crevice tool (for cleaning tight and awkward gaps) that also comes with a brush nozzle for powered dusting essentially.
  • Stair Tool - rather self explanatory really, but the stair tool is designed with sharp edges making it ideal for cleaning stairs -- cleaning tight vertical angles etc.

Typically speaking the Dyson DC65 multi floor retails at $500, but you should be able to find it for just under $450 with a bit of savvy shopping.

Dyson DC65 Animal Vacuum

Referring back the Dyson DC65 accessory comparison table I have made, we can see the Dyson DC65 Animal (purple) comes with the same accessories as the DC65 multi floor -- the combination tool & stair tool as well as the tangle free turbine tool & soft Dyson brush tool.

  • Dyson Soft Brush Tool - this is a great little tool to have aboard your Dyson, it is basically a brush tool that has been made with super soft nylon bristles -- so you can clean delicate surfaces (e.g. tv screens) without fear of damaging them.
  • Dyson Tangle Free Turbine Tool - however it is this turbine that really explains the leap in price. If you haven't seen this thing in action definitely check the video out below, it is incredible at dealing with pet hair. Definitely the best in the business.

Again although this Dyson DC65 Animal is officially listed at $600, you can get it much cheaper -- at around $475 or even less.

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete

This is essentially the ULTIMATE vacuum, it comes with all the accessories that the Dyson DC65 Animal does and more (specifically the ones mentioned in the accessory table above).

  • Stiff Bristle Brush - acts to remove stuck in dirt from your carpets.
  • Multi Angle Brush - mainly aimed for cleaning the tops of shelves, cupboards etc. effectively without having to get chairs out to stand on them to reach the tops.
  • Zorb Powder - a unique Dysolv powder produced by Dyson that can get rid of stains from carpets without getting them wet.

The Dyson DC65 Animal complete officially retails at $650, but as mentioned again, you can get it for much cheaper -- usually just above the $500 mark.

Which Version of the Dyson DC65 Will You Buy?

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Which Should You Buy the DC65 Multi Floor, Animal or Animal Complete?

Now this very much depends on your cleaning needs. Firstly, do you have a pet? if yes, then you should definitely be considering the Animal or Animal complete to deal with pet hair in and around the house. Then again the turbine tool is particularly useful for cleaning the inside of cars too.

Remember, you can buy some of the accessories separately. Just getting them in a bundle package, allows you to get a discount on them. Ultimately, work out which tools you think will prove useful in your home and go from there.


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