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Eco Air Conditioner Prices

Updated on July 3, 2010

Eco Air has built a reputation in the air conditioning industry for their green practices. All of their products are designed in compliance with the EC Directive. Each unit you purchase, whether a portable split or window AC unit, is created to run at the most energy efficient rates while providing comfortable climate control. The business strives to out stride the competition to bring the customer the best product on the market. As you research the benefits of switching to an eco-friendly AC unit, be sure to educate yourself on new developments in the industry.

The Importance of an Insulation Board

It does not matter whether you are running an AC unit from your apartment or for an office building; an insulation board is an important accessory to maximize energy efficient climate control. By lining the ducts of your AC system with insulation boards (often a polyststyrene plastic material), you are preventing precious hot and cold air from escaping before it is vented into its destination. The number one expense in air conditioning comes from lost productive air. If you have ever noticed how basements are cooler than ground level rooms or how ground level rooms are cooler still than second floor rooms, you have experienced the repercussions of poor insulation. While it is true that cold air sinks, poor insulation is a quick way to ensure that the air never makes it to its destination. Make sure to prepare your ducts before making the switch to a greener AC system.

Proper Use for a Portable Air Conditioner

Eco Air provides to devices that can easily be moved from location to location. Owning a portable air conditioner can be a great way to quickly cool an uncomfortably hot or cold room. While it should not be the main source of conditioned air, a portable device can be a quick fix for a jam and can provide attic spaces with a refreshing blast of refreshing cold air. Since these devices are slightly more consumptive, it is advisable to avoid their use on a regular basis.

However, used in coordination with other fixed AC units, the portable units can help to save energy. On the hottest and coldest days of the year, when the fixed unit is running nonstop, engaging a portable device at the high point of a building can aid the output effort of the fixed unit giving it a rest. Usually, you will know that this tip will work when there are noticeable temperature grades from floor to floor. Comparable units from similar manufacturers have beginning air conditioner prices of around £335 pounds (500.00 U.S dollars).

Benefits of a Split Air Conditioner

The beauty of the Split Air Conditioner is in its energy efficiency. Furthermore, it is quiet and the base models can effectively cool a room of up to 35 square meters. For large rooms and multi floor buildings the variety of split air systems are the best selection for controlling climate. Twin Split, Triple Split and Quad split models are available to meet the individual cooling needs of the client.

An additional advantage to split air systems comes from the easy installation and hook up methods. The two click couplings make set up easy enough for a novice to complete while being geared to engage in place and not detach. The dual locking click system assures that your unit will remain connected. It is important when you are setting up the new split system that you keep the coupling protectors, as the units can be moved and having the cover will keep the coupling safe during transport.

Which brings you to the final bonuses of owning an Eco Air Split Air System. They are easy to move and affordable. At starting air conditioner prices for a Twin Split of £1300 and a top price for a Quad Split around £2950 the initial investment will pay itself off in energy bills in a few short years. Moreover, even if you plan to move the unit in the near future, transport has been made easy and safe.

Last but Not Least - Air Conditioning Filters

The final stop off to complete your AC needs is the Air Conditioner Filters. They are one of the most important aspects of a controlled indoor air system. Without the proper equipment, recirculated warm or cool air will quickly become filled with pollens, dusts, and unpleasant odors. This is unhealthy for you and your loved ones, or your employees and will quickly damage your AC units. To avoid the mess and expense be certain that the filters you purchase have graded fiber systems to trap the most dust and allergens. When complete, your environment should be clean, safe and comfortable regardless of the weather out doors.

A DIY Split Air Conditioner


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