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Updated on December 16, 2009

You built your dream house spending lot of money. Its design, plan, budget and location to conform to your specification because you wanted it to be an ideal place for you. It was a beautiful house painted to the color you choose. Inside it was full of furniture and fixtures, appliances, music center. It was built to have many rooms for you and to others.

After so many years, the condition of your house began to deteriorate. Many portion of it need repair because no good maintenance you make during the passing years.

Proper maintenance was required to have your house in good appearance. You have to do some repair as soon as possible.


Prepare repair allocation ready so that maintenance repair can be completed on schedule. Repair should not be delayed to avoid more damage to the structure of the house.

Start the repair during dry season. The purpose is to allow easy accessibility to check the entire perimeter for any damage. Rain can hamper movements of the carpenters during their repair work.

A dry surface is needed to seal leaking portion with roof cement. But if the leaking is severe then you have no chance except replace it completely rather than sealing the leaking of the roof every month.

Replace all the rotten timber due to termite onslaught. Buy a hard lumber for durability and longer use.

Use chemicals for treatment of the timber so that termites cannot penetrate inside the wood immediately. You can buy this chemicals from agricultural supply.


Every month, check it personally any termite invasion to the structure of the house. See that the gutter has no rotten leaves from trees embedded in its waterways that can cause rust. Clean it to remove all debris.

Hire the services of pest control company to do monthly application of chemicals to the surface most affected by termite invasion.

Apply rat bait to strategic areas where rats are hiding. Rat can damage your house by eating the lumber or eating your electrical lines.

Do a fumigation or dusting of chemicals where cockroaches are residing.

Every year, do the repainting. Check and remove those flaking paint surface before doing the repainting.

Outside surrounding should be cleaned at all times. Give attention to any sign of deterioration of your house. Repair it immediately.

Electrical lines should be in good condition to avoid being a fire hazard because of defective wiring.


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