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EZ Jet Water Canon As Seen On TV

Updated on July 18, 2010

EZ Jet As Seen On TV

So I caught the end of an infomercial the other day for a product called the EZ Jet Water Canon As Seen On TV. This is kind of like an airbrusher except instead of pouring in paint or makeup into the nozzle there is a chamber that fills with water and combines the cleaning liquid or powder that you want to use to clean with. It sort of reminds me of Miracle Grow Plant Food Feeders that hook up to your hose.

I remember when I used to live at home before I graduated high school and went off to college and then moved into the city that I used to have to water the grass and feed the plants. One thing that I loved when I found it was the Miracle Grow plant food container that hooked up to your hose. Not only did it make mixing the perfect amount of water and plant food automatic so I wouldn't have to mess with measuring cups or anything but it also made watering the grass and feeding all of our flowers seriously simple and easy. I would be able to finish watering all of our flowers within an hour instead of the few hours it used to take with just a hose and a watering bucket when I had to mix the plant food, etc... I absolutely loved this invention from Miracle grow so when I saw the EZ Jet Water Cannon as seen on tv I instantly fell in love, the problem is I don't have a car anymore since I live in a city and don't need one. The thing is that if you do have a car and need an easier and quicker way to wash it or want to use it to clean windows or other things outdoors, if the EZ Jet As Seen On TV water cannon is anything like the miracle grow automatic plant food feeder than you will love this product.

Now before you take what I am saying to heart and try it at home, you have to remember that I don't actually own an EZ Jet As Seen On TV Water Canon but what I do know is that I used to rely on and love a product that was very similar and used the same sort of design.  So as far as this product goes I have never tried it but if it is anything like the other product I used to use then it is an amazing product and one that will make your life a lot more enjoyable so that you can spend time having fun or relaxing instead of cleaning and scrubbing.  So what can you use the EZ Jet Water Cannon As Seen On TV for? Tons of things.

The EZ Jet Water Cannon Infomercial says you can use it to clean and blast away dirt from brick walkways, wooden walkways and wood decks, cleanout and scrub gutters, blast off the dirt and disgusting things picked up in pool filters by using the powerful water canon spray hose.  If you twist the end of the spray tool then you can all of the sudden have a light and gentle spray which will allow you to gently water delicate flowers and mist over things that would be damaged by a hard and damaging water cannon.  If you twist the EZ Jet Water Cannon again you will now have turned your gentle mister into a powerful water broom which can be used to brush dirt and grime away with the power of water.  Turn it again and fill the mixing chamber with your favorite window and glass safe window cleaner and you now have a power washer that can be used to clean hard to reach and dangerous to get to second story windows.  Who wants to stand on a dangerous roof and no parent will let their kids climb all over sharp slanted roofs so why put your family in danger with hand cleaning second floor windows when the EZ Jet Water Cannon as seen on tv can shoot water up far enough to clean your second story windows safely from the ground.

Now here are the attachments I love the most.  By combing another spray setting with the mixing container you can now have a tool that not only cleans and rinses your car in minutes but you can then change out the car cleaners and soaps for plant food and fertilizers and finish your lawn in a fraction of the time it used to take to have to water, then feed then water again.  I absolutely love the thought process behind the EZ Jet As Seen On TV Water Cannon and if it is anything like the Miracle Grow Automatic Plant Food Feeder that I used to use you will absolutely love the EZ Jet As Seen On TV water cannon too. 

The EZ jet features 8 different spray settings, has the mixing container attached and can be used for everything from power cleaning your car and walkways to misting flowers and even to broom away dirt and grime from walkways.  If I had a need for an EZ Jet I would completely buy one but since I live in a city and don't really have a need for one it looks like this is one as seen on tv infomercial product I won't be buying.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't though.  If I had a need for one I would definitely buy EZ Jet mainly because I used to use a similar product and it was an amazing time saver for me.  If you buy EZ Jet and loved it come back here and leave a comment to let me know how it worked for you and how much you loved your EZ Jet Water Cannon.  Thank you for reading my hub and come back again soon. 


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    • profile image

      JILL A BONE 7 years ago

      I bought one of these and it was fabulous. I used it to wash and rinse the car, to sterilize the garden with jeyes fluid,(I have dogs) and to water and feed the plants in containers. BUT I left it attached to the hose in the freezing weather and it split. Now I need another one, or two even, and am trying to track one down. Great great product. Not a power hose but much better than a ordinary hose pipe.