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Duct Mounted Dehumidifiers

Updated on November 4, 2015

At-Home Health Tip


For Some, Dampness is Deadly

Your Need for a Dehumidifier
You may be already using a dehumidifier in your home after experiencing some of these distasteful effects of humid air, uncomfortable for some, but seriously threatening for others:

  • dampness
  • mold
  • insects
  • dust mites
  • bacteria
  • mildew

In the vicinity of your dehumidifier, you probably noticed the increased comfort and cleanliness of the air and the surroundings in that room, but what about the rest of the house? There is a way to make the dehumidifying effect spread throughout a home, just as your temperature control units also spread an even temperature throughout the house, upstairs and downstairs.

Homes Using a New Type of Dehumidifier

When circumstances allow you to afford a serious home improvement, you should look into the following suggestions.

You now have a better option for ridding your home of excess moisture. Home owners have started enjoying the worry-free benefits of dehumidifiers that work throughout your entire home, and are part of your central cooling and heating system.

This modern method involves a dehumidifier especially designed to be installed inside your air ducts. It condenses and evaporates the excess moisture in the air passing through and provides unprecedented results in the field of home dehumidifiers. It's an alternative to having stand-alone units that may work well for the room in which they are located, but are not powerful enough or designed especially to rid the entire home of dampness.

In the past, people have experimented with other methods to try to dehumidify their entire home, rather than just one room at a time, such as:

  • leaving the air conditioner on all day, even in mild temperatures, just to reduce humidity (which of course wastes energy)
  • using a large, stand-alone dehumidifying machine with its own blower (which has not been cost effective, and also has proven to have limited air flow).

Much greater consistency and convenience now is achieved through duct-mounted units, bringing great results for your family's health and comfort, while protecting your carpets and books from damaging moisture. The ducts always were part of the whole-home concept of air regulation. They are in place already and capable of spreading the benefits of dehumidifying throughout all areas of a home.

Advantages of a Duct-Mounted Dehumidifier

Not every HVAC (heat, ventilation, and air conditioning) company will be able to install a duct-mounted dehumidifying system in a home. It is a relatively new procedure.

To escape the feeling of heavy humidity inside, and get consistently clean-smelling air, you can talk with a responsible ventilation company that has experience installing a duct-mounted device in order to obtain many significant results for your family, including the following:

  • a better night's sleep
  • catching excess humidity in the first place, prior to its entering the home
  • cleaner air ducts, free from mold and dampness
  • savings on utility bills, over having separate machines in each room
  • your family's health benefits, most of all
  • preservation of home furnishings
  • avoiding the chore of emptying a tank of water from a portable machine (avoided through the drainage system coming directly out of your duct-mounted unit)
  • selective controls to run your system only when and where needed
  • an overall increase in moisture removal

Alternatives for Special Circumstances

Those who suffer allergies the most will want a good dehumidifier of some kind. There is a variety of choices available on the market. All of them will reduce the mold and dust mite population of your home. Some are designed especially for damp basements. Others are designed to act rapidly to reduce moisture when needed. Various units are made especially quiet to operate. Some units are designed especially for homes, others for commercial and industrial use.

If you have a large basement, you may need a powerful dehumidifier. Basements will have low temperatures, requiring a humidifier designed to operate well at those temperatures near freezing. A big fan is required for a large basement. Such large equipment should be able to handle over 2,000 square feet of area. Pricing will start around $1,500 for a unit.

Less powerful units, designed for smaller rooms, often can be made to operate very quietly. One of these units typically will sell for about $600.

The most powerful dehumidifier unit would be the type used in spas and swimming pool enclosures. If you wish to have this unit operate in conjunction with ducts, it often will be available with inlet and outlet duct flanges. Such a powerful unit can remove up to 200 pints of water per day. Industrial dehumidifiers for indoor pools generally will cost in excess of $3,000.


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