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Easy Backyard Greenhouses

Updated on February 13, 2011

A Backyard Greenhouse For The Home Gardener

You see advertisements for backyard greenhouse kits and plans all the time. But the kits are rather expensive and the free plans want you to build a mini house pouring frost footings and all. These are great if you are going to build for a large business but if you are a home gardener like myself this is just too cost baring and unnecessary! I have found the best Backyard Greenhouses plans for the home gardener for really cheap too.

Types Of Backyard Greenhouses

There are 4 different types of backyard greenhouses you can build with these plans.

  1. Victorian style
  2. Hoop Style
  3. Lean To
  4. Grow Rack Greenhouse

Backyard Greenhouses Are Simple To Build

The average gardener needs a backyard greenhouse that is that has enough room for a few seedlings that will be eventually moved into an outdoor garden and room for a few hobby plants. Even if you have a small yard you can fit on of these Backyard Greenhouses in your yard. If you can nail or screw some boards together and wrap them in Polyethylene film you can do this. For an even easier and cheaper method use PVC piping. I personally like this one for ease of putting it together.

Basic Knowledge Is The Only Requirement For Backyard Greenhouses

There are no special skills needed. If you can read a tape measure, use a saw, put together pvc pipes, and use a hammer then you can do this. I am a woman and I did this! I love the step by step easy to follow directions for this Backyard Greenhouses plan!

Tools Needed For Backyard Greenhouses

You only need a basic carpentry set. You probably have all the tools you need at your house already. There are no special tools required.

Backyard Greenhouse Sites

Build A Backyard Greenhouse

You can Build Your Own Greenhouse in a variety of greenhouse styles with these awesome greenhouse plans. There are several different greenhouse plans to choose from that will fit your backyard garden or your farm. All of the greenhouse plans are attr...

Victorian Style Greenhouses

Victorian style greenhouses can be as fancy or as economic as you want them to be. Build the victorian style greenhouse any size you need. It can be large enough for a large yard or farm or small enough for even a small yard. Grow plants all year rou...


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