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Stylish Casual Dining Table Decor

Updated on June 23, 2017

Casual Bright Table Setting Ideas

Blue yellow and a splash of orange exudes happiness!
Blue yellow and a splash of orange exudes happiness! | Source

Table Decor And Beautiful Place Setting.

  • It is important to woo your guests to your table with attractive seasonal colour schemes and floral centre pieces.
  • Adding some handmade items that have been fashioned by you, will certainly not go unnoticed. Your friends and family will appreciate your effort as it means that they are special enough to have some item made by the host.
  • For very informal settings bring in some grass weave or palm braided place mats, for something so out of the ordinary!
  • Plain woven grass mats team up well with lovely bright serviettes and condiment sets.

A warm welcome to your table!

Simple but effective.
Simple but effective.

Choose Your Overall Colour Scheme First

  • Think about your food that you will be preparing and whether your party will be in summer or winter for your table setting ideas.
  • Choosing a colour that makes your guests feel cool or warm will make a huge difference to the atmosphere and ambience.
  • Even on a hot day you can float some flowers in a decorative bowl to create a cooling atmosphere in the centre of your table.
  • Floating tea lights in a bowl can be so beautiful and bring an Eastern feel to your look.

Tropical Fresh Colour Scheme For Your Barbecue Entertaining

Whimsical Colour Scheme
Whimsical Colour Scheme | Source

Palm Frond Inspiration

Island Inspired
Island Inspired | Source

Wonderful Lighting

  • Lovely led candles that have a remote to adjust them. Do not have to worry about these candles blowing out in the wind. Still look like the real thing!
  • Better still make your own candles to match your theme and colour choices for your crockery and glassware.
  • An easy idea is to use small tumblers and paint a design on them with glass paint . Pace a candle in the same colour as your artistic design.
  • Chunky lanterns on checked or striped table cloths at your evening barbecue, will bring a rustic Mediterranean ambience to your decor.
  • Old paraffin lamps cam also look amazing in the centre of a barbecue table outside.

Candlelight Ambience

Even Some Led Candles With Remote!
Even Some Led Candles With Remote! | Source

Party Lights For Your Barbecue Party!

Paper Cups As Light Shades!

  • What an unusual and inexpensive way to delight your guests!
  • Lovely idea for a summer celebration around the pool while entertaining!
  • A string of party lights are so inexpensive and can give a dull corner some colour and lift too!

Blue And Orange Table Decor Ideas

Informal Colour Schemes For Your Entertaining
Informal Colour Schemes For Your Entertaining

Easy And Bright Colour Choices For Your Table

  • Use what you have in your cupboard as a base for your table mix and match ideas!
  • You can use apples or oranges scooped out for placing your candles into. That is a real tropical idea.
  • Cut some tropical flowers and arrange them in the middle of the table in three mason jars.

Floral Arrangement In Mason Jars

Flowers Can Be The Lovely Focal Point!
Flowers Can Be The Lovely Focal Point! | Source

Some More Diy Party Ideas

  • Use what you have already to create a special theme for your table, when inviting a friend or two for lunch.
  • Take some leftover fabric from your sewing or craft cupboard and make a few colourful serviettes to match your theme.
  • Take a piece of colourful fabric and and use as a base as a table cloth or runner.
  • Bright and dull textures go well together. Rush mats with a bright African printed material.
  • Use the same fabric for a basket insert for serving your bread rolls in, at your barbecue. Add some lace round the edge for a feminine feel.
  • Arranging some lovely tropical blooms from your garden in a rustic woven basket for a homely touch. Remember to arrange them in a smaller container that fits into your basket. Arrange your flowers according to your idea and theme choice.
  • Use a piece of driftwood for a beach theme and make shell serviette rings with pieces of hessian string or beads and wire.
  • Unusual table settings will be appreciated, so remember to think outside the box.
  • Paint Your Own Place Mats - Print a pineapple with a lino cut or potato print. Tie dye some ready made cotton table mats with serviettes to match.
  • Inexpensive Table Decor Ideas ..Even newsprint can look great as a backdrop with red or yellow. This could be perfect for a fish and chip lunch.

    image credit - my own photo and decor

Make Your Own Table Napkins!

Table Setting Colours And Textures

Wonderful rich oranges and brown colour scheme
Wonderful rich oranges and brown colour scheme | Source

How Does Orange Inspire You?

1. The colour of summer

2. A wonderful orange summer drink with a slice of orange on the glass.

3. Summer sunshine and umbrellas on the beach

4. Mixed with white for a beach tee shirt or summer top.

5. Fruit salad with ice cream

6. Orchard of oranges or clementine's, ready for picking

7. Bright orange sails on the ocean

8. Happy colors at the fun fair.

9. Some bright orange and gold summer thin strapped sandals

10. Yellow and orange table cloth and crockery for a summer party at the pool!

What are some flash thoughts that come to mind, when you look at orange?

Fun Colours For Your Table

Bright And Happy Table Arrangement For Casual Entertaining
Bright And Happy Table Arrangement For Casual Entertaining | Source

Brown Casual Colour Scheme

Brown and orange is a happy cosy colour combination.
Brown and orange is a happy cosy colour combination. | Source

Orange Is Such A Vibrant Colour

  • Love these orange table napkins for entertaining in an informal setting. Great for lunches and barbecues.
  • Orange and white is a lovely fresh colour combination for a table setting.

Informal Bright Blue Table Cloth And Grass Mats

Fresh blue for a summer lunch with frends!
Fresh blue for a summer lunch with frends! | Source

Some Ideas To Whet Your Appetite

  • Think outside the box and create your very own take on your table decorating when having your next party for your friends!
  • Foliage and flowers always brings the garden into your home and can make an ordinary lunch table look beautiful!

Inspiration For Your Casual Party

Primary Colours Are Ideal For Your Tableware.
Primary Colours Are Ideal For Your Tableware. | Source


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