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Easy home decor-Part I

Updated on February 12, 2015

Redecorating a house need not be always an expensive and exhaustive process; small changes can go a long way in making your house have a new and redefined look. So lets do some redecorating without spending too many dollars.

The first thing that is an instant mood changer is a dash of bright color. Adding color to your house doest not necessarily means repainting a whole room or the house. It can be done by adding what we call focus wall. Focus wall essentially means choosing to paint a particular wall of your room which you want to be redecorated. The idea is to paint a particular wall of the house and emphasise it more than the rest of the room.

By painting just one wall, you have managed to change the look of the entire room, and given the feel of a lot of work. The key to successfully incorparate this look, is to choose some similar color elements in the rest of the décor so that the whole color scheme is incorporated subtly. You can do so by using same color curtains, throw cushions or rugs.

Living room typically is the first thing people notice in your house; and every living room needs comfortable seating. It can be a couch, divan or any form of seating that you prefer. One easy peasy way of brightening the room is by incorporating lots of cushions,but not ordinary cushions, quirky,fun,creative, bright and colorful ones. Color always helps in adding more dimension to your decor.


Even the most mundane and boring living room or couch can just brighten up with some bright colored ones thrown in.

The next easy mood brightner is to have indoor plants, they add a whole new aspect to your living room or any other room you choose to place them. Having plants is different from putting flowers in the house. There is a whole range of plants that one can buy, but you will have to nurture them. You cannot treat them as use and throw accessories for your house. Having said that there are lots of low maintenance indoor plants easily available.

Not only are they good looking but they also help you keep the air fresh and in some cases insect free. As per a NASA clean air study a lot of common house plants may provide a natural way of removing toxic agents such as benzene, formaldehyde etc. from your home. Some plants that are easily available and that serve the dual purpose of keeping the air clean are bamboo palm,boston fern, lilyturf,spider plant,money plant and elephant ear philodendron.

Apart from that there are also lot of indoor flowering plants available; which have flowers throughout the year. The advantage of having flowering plants is that you can have flowers at home without having to buy and throw flowers. Not only is it more convenient but also more ecologically sustainable.

This is the first part of my article on easy home décor, hope it was useful. the second part will follow soon.

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